Plant Sciences


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Graduate Courses

The Department of Plant Sciences offers graduate studies leading to the M.S. degrees in Plant Sciences and Horticulture, and to the Ph.D. degree in Plant Sciences.

Graduate Bulletin

Cereal Science Courses

Plant Sciences and Horticulture Courses

PLSC 411/611 Genomics (F)

PLSC 415/615 Vegetable Crop Production (S/O)

PLSC 416/616 Fruit Crop Production (F/E)

PLSC 425/625 Potato Science (F/O/2)

PLSC 431/631 Intermediate Genetics (F)

PLSC 433/633 Weed Biology and Ecology (S/E)

PLSC 453/653 Advanced Weed Science (F)

PLSC 455/655 Cropping Systems: An Integrated Approach (S)

PLSC 465/665 Advanced Landscape Plants (S/E)

PLSC 480/680 Advanced Turfgrass Topics (S/E)

PLSC 484/684 Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology (F)

PLSC 485/685 Arboriculture Science (F/E)

PLSC 486/686 Applied Crop Physiology (S)

PLSC 710 Professional Development I (F)

PLSC 711 Professional Development II (S)

PLSC 718 Genetics and Plant Improvement (F)

PLSC 721 Genomics Techniques (S)

PLSC 724 Field Design I (F)

PLSC 727 Crop Breeding Techniques (SS/O)

PLSC 731 Plant Molecular Genetics (S/E)

PLSC 734 Field Design II (S/O)

PLSC 741 Cytogenetics (F/E)

PLSC 749 Applied Plant Molecular Breeding (F/O)

PLSC 750 Crop Stress Physiology (S/O)

PLSC 751 Advanced Genetics (S/O)

PLSC 753 Action and Fate of Herbicides (S/E)

PLSC 755 Advanced Crop Management Decision Making (F/E)

PLSC 763 Laboratory Methods in Weed Science (S/O)

PLSC 776 Advanced Plant Breeding (S/O)

PLSC 779 Sustainable Agriculture & Renewable Energies in Europe (SS)

PLSC 782 Population and Quantitative Genetics (S/E)

PLSC 785 Crop Breeding Programs Management (S/E)

PLSC 790 Graduate Seminar (F, S)

Additional Courses

PLSC 792 Master’s Teaching Experience*

PLSC 793 Individual Study*

PLSC 794 Practicum*

PLSC 795 Field Experience*

PLSC 797 Master's Paper*

PLSC 798 Master's Thesis*

PLSC 892 Doctoral Teaching Experience*

PLSC 899 Doctoral Dissertation*

* Courses related to Individual Study, Field Experience, Cooperative Education,
Special Topics and Study Abroad may require department permission.

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