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ND Farm Management Program - The North Dakota Farm Management education programs are designed to provide education to farm owners and operators or persons interested in farming. The purpose of the program is to assist clients in meeting their business and personal goals. This is best accomplished through the use of quality records and sound business decisions

The Rugby Farmers Union Elevator website has access to market futures, news, weather information, market news, calendar of events, and much more!

You can visit the Rugby Livestock Auction website for information on upcoming sales, dates, cattle markets, and more! 

Design Your Succession Plan - This program is for families who want to shape the future ownership of their family farm or ranch – the family legacy – whether that is transferring a viable business to the next generation or determining how to divide farm/ranch assets. Even if you have attended other transition, estate or succession planning classes, consider attending this program to get a start on your succession plan.

 You can get instantaneous weather data from NDAWN stations around the state of North Dakota. These stations give you air temperature, soil temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction. (Note: The wind direction is by degrees clockwise from north. For Example, east is 90 degrees)



Projected Crop Budgets for North Central North Dakota

The crop budget reports provide an estimate of revenues and costs for selected crops. Each set of budgets are developed for a multi-county region. There is considerable variation in soil type and productivity, weather conditions, as well as management and production practices within each region.

2020 Weed Control Guide

The information in this guide provides a summary of herbicide uses in crops grown in North Dakota and is based on federal and state herbicide labels, research at ND Ag. Experiment Stations, and information from the North Dakota Department of Agriculture.

Crop Information

This link will lead you to a page on the NDSU Extension website where you can browse by crop type and pull up information about each specific crop from from alternative crops, to foragers, to the commonly planted crop for North Central North Dakota.

2020 Field Crop Insect Management Guide

This is your reference copy of the 2019 edition of the North Dakota Insect Management Guide. The recommendations conform to the current federal and state laws and regulations relating to pesticidal chemicals at the time of printing. However, because pesticide recommendations frequently are subject to change, and inasmuch as this publication is revised only once each year, keeping in contact with North Dakota State University for up-to-date information on possible changes in insecticide registrations and use patterns is extremely important.

NDSU Crop and Pest Report

Variety Trial Reports

NDSU Extension Pesticide Training and Certification Program  - Please contact the Pierce County Extension office at 776-6234 ext. 5 if you have never attended a training and would like to be on the mailing list of upcoming trainings and certification days. 

Farm Safety Publications

If you are interested in any more information about farm management, crops, weeds, disasters, etc. please use the following links:


NDSU Ag. Beef Cattle

NDSU Extension Publications - Beef Cattle 

North Dakota Beef Commision 

BEEF Magazine

NDSU Ag. Dairy Cattle

NDSU Extension Publications - Dairy Cattle


2019 North Dakota Beef and Sheep Report

This report contains several small papers from researchers in ND on current research results related to beef cattle. The report is posted as a complete report as well as, individual reports

Dealing with Heat Stress in Beef Cattle Operations

Being proactive is the best approach for dealing with heat stress in cattle. Once cattle are in a severe state of heat stress, you may be too late to help them. Interventions that cause animals to cool extremely rapid or animal distress could have disastrous consequences. Having a solid management plan in place to address heat stress could pay big dividends in the form of maintained animal performance during periods of heat and in avoiding death losses in severe cases.

Feeding Management for Backgrounders

This publication addresses feeding management guidelines that can improve the success of backgrounding operations and practices that can lower the cost of gain in backgrounding operations.

Use of Minerals in Dairy Cattle

All too often, discussions of dairy nutrition are limited to nutrients, such as energy and protein, that have a direct impact on milk production. But what about minerals? What are they? Why are they important? How much do cows need? What happens if we don’t provide enough of a particular mineral? Can we provide too much? While varying mineral levels may not have the immediate impact of a major shift in energy or protein levels, the long-term effects on animal health, longevity and growth are significant.

If you are interested in more information about animal health, feeds and feeding, beef and dairy herd info, ranging and grazing, etc., please use the following links:


NDSU Ag. Horse Info

NDSU Extension Publications - Horses

NetVet - Horses

West Nile Virus





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