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Requirements for Exhibiting Poultry in ND

Requirements For Exhibiting Poultry in North Dakota
As you will recall from last year, there are now requirements for exhibiting poultry in North Dakota, which includes the Pierce County 4-H Achievement Days and the North Dakota State Fair. These new requirements are issued by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture State Board of Animal Health.
Poultry including chickens, turkeys, game birds, waterfowl, and fancy birds (not doves or pigeons) need to be
NPIP certified OR have had a negative Salmonella pullorum- Salmonella typhoid test prior to exhibition. NPIP is
the acronym used for the National Poultry Improvement Plan.
Testing agents in N.D. are few. It is much easier to be an active member of the NPIP (National Poultry
Improvement Plan) program than to find a local certified ND testing agent or local veterinarian to test your birds
before the show. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have them tested upon arrival at the show so that you may be
able to exhibit.
For this reason, the Pierce County Extension office encourages youth wishing to exhibit poultry at Pierce County
Achievement Days and/or the North Dakota State Fair to purchase their poultry from an NPIP certified flock or
If poultry are purchased from an NPIP certified flock the purchaser will need to obtain the NPIP Form from the
producer, hatchery, or business at the time of purchase. Poultry purchased from hatcheries, North Country
Mercantile, Tractor Supply, and Runnings amongst others need to be NPIP certified to enter into the state of North
Dakota. So, if you are purchasing birds from a place like these and have no other poultry, the process is very simple.
When purchasing these birds, the seller will need to provide youth with a form, the Poultry Exhibition Statement of
Origin, which acts like a bill of sale that includes the name of the Hatchery, NPIP number, quantity purchased, breed,
and date received. The person ordering the birds may need to request this information at the time of purchase.
The exhibitor should retain this paperwork and bring it to any exhibition in which the youth are participating in.
Poultry purchased form NPIP flocks only need this form until they are one year of age, however, it is a good practice
to keep the form on file. All birds must be banded. Most counties are using zip-ties on the leg of the poultry. Care
must be used that the zip-tie is not able to further tighten down on the leg of the bird. A way to prevent this is by
applying a small amount of super glue in the zip-tie closure. This also serves as an anti-tampering mechanism. Some
counties are adopting a numbering system to add to each band. The numbering system starts with ND, adds the
county number (Pierce County number is 35) followed by the flock owners numbers of choice. Example: ND351234
The youth will also need to bring the completed Poultry Exhibition Statement of Origin to the Exhibition.

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