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Your Child is Growing! Jul 25, 2018 - Aug 15, 2018 — Bismarck, ND
1-2-3 Magic Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 Aug 02, 2018 - Aug 16, 2018 — Bismarck, ND
Active Parenting Aug 07, 2018 - Aug 21, 2018 — Ft. Yates, ND
Parents Forever Aug 20, 2018 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM — Mandan, ND
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Topic Based Parent Support Group

Being a parent is hard and sometimes we just need advise or ideas from others to help us make it through the next week...or maybe the next hour... These classes will have a short lesson that will change topics each month. After a short lesson, we will have an open time when parents can interact with each other and get the support they need.

Check the schedule for when the topic you want is being taught.  If you don't see it, email me and we will get it on the schedule for you.  We can also bring the topic to you if you would like to have it taught to your employees or a group of parents at a different time.

A Change for the Better - Teaching Correct Behavior Kids misbehave for lots of reasons – fear, immaturity, fatigue, ect.  No matter why children misbehave, parents can take four steps that will stop the problem behavior and teach kids better, alternative ways to behave.
Building Lasting Family Traditions Tradition is family insurance against outside pressures that threaten to overwhelm our days and weaken our ties to one another.  Traditions do not task a huge investment of time or energy.  The return on your investment is creating family memories that last for several lifetimes.
Can Do Kids! Parents will identify five key ways they can foster a “can-Do” spirit in children and design a personal plan reflecting the things they already do, and things they will try.
Decisions! Decisions! Parents will discuss how to build decision making skills in their children and identify techniques they will use to help their children make good decisions.
Developing Responsibility - A cost effective investment Participants will explore ways to raise a child’s odds of becoming a responsible adult and how to make the most of early opportunities to practice being responsible.
Different Drummers:  The Temperament Connection Participants will identify and explore their own temperament traits as well as those of their children and the influence of these traits on relationships.  Understanding of these differences will guide participants to work more responsibility and effectively with children.
Disciplining Without Screaming Learning alternatives to discipline other than screaming and spanking
Documenting Family Memories Participants will be able to identify a variety of ways to document family memories, learn practical strategies for beginning to document family memories, list at least two projects they plan to develop to document family memories, and plan a family meeting to discuss the families’ ideas for documenting family memories.
Does Your Child Rule the House?

Parents will discuss what manipulative behavior looks like, learn what they can do to promote independence and identify a technique they will use to regain control of their household.

Family... It's All About Time Participants will be able to identify challenges to spending time together in building family relationships, learn the importance of positive family time to developing a strong family, list at least five specific ways they plan to omit to family time in their own life, and plan a family meeting to discuss the family’s ideas for sharing family time.
He hit me first!!  Handling sibling rivalry What do you do when they just wont stop bickering? Participants will learn practical strategies to handle sibling rivalry.
How to Talk so Kids with Listen and Learn Do you sometimes feel like you’re talking to a brick wall?  Good communication with children doesn’t happen automatically.  Begin a good listener requires work and the use of some very specific skills.
Kids and Anger Parents will learn how to teach their children that anger is a normal emotion and how to handle that anger.
Making Memories with Family Meals Participants will be able to identify benefits that can occur through sharing family meals, learn about practical ideas for making memories through sharing family meals in fun and innovative ways, plan specific efforts intending to make family memories and strengthen relationships through sharing family meals.
Making the Connection: Building Long-Distance Relationships This lesson is about the importance of family connections and practical ways to build long distance family relationships.
No, I won't and You Can't Make Me! A defiant child can easily trigger a parent’s anger.  This class will teach some tips for staying calm and following a five-step process for teaching a child to keep his or her own emotions under control and be more cooperative.
Parental Powers of Influence: Parenting Styles How do they differ?  What difference do they make?  Whether your style can be compared to a rock, a marshmallow or a tennis ball, different parenting styles invite different characteristics from children.  What traits do we want our children to have as young adults?  How can we parent in ways that these desirable traits can become a reality for our children?  Exploring style – It will make a difference!
Passing on Family Memories Participants will be able to understand the process and value of reminiscence in older adulthood identify purpose for actively working to pass on family memories and engage in planning that will lead toward personal efforts to pass on family memories.
Read to ME! Participants will experience the affect reading to infants and toddlers have on the physical development of a young child’s still forming brain and their future intelligence.
Safe Surfing Teaching parents how to monitor and keep their children safe on the internet
Strengthening Parent - Teen Relationships in a Challenging world Participants will be able to identify issues in raising adolescent children today, learn about practical strategies for parenting from research on parent-teen relationships, and explore specific parenting efforts intended to strengthen parent-teen relationships
Talking to Children about Money Build awareness of healthy money management habits, encourage parents and other adults to assist children and teens in learning about personal finance, foster dialogue among parents/adults and children on money management issues and skills, learn about and implement practical strategies for developing money management skills and knowledge in adults and children.
Testing the Limits Feeling more like a pushover than a parent lately? Kids are always testing our limits and checking out the “rules”.  If you could use some new ideas for setting a limit and sticking to it, this workshop may be just what you are looking for
The Art of Grandparenting Participants will be able to understand the unique roles of grandparents in the lives of grandchildren, identify the needs and resources for grandparents caring for grandchildren in unique circumstances, and plan practical steps to be involved with grandchildren and build closer relationships with them.
Understanding and Strengthening Family Communication Participants will be able to identify important elements of family communication, learn the importance of good communication within a strong family, and discuss three strategies for strengthening family communication that they plan to apply in their own family life.
You want ME to help with housework?  No Way!! This program gives a clear step-by-step procedure to use to get children to do household chores.  It demonstrates how to avoid nagging and threats and how to follow through on consequences.
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