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Library Items

We have lots of information available for check out all many topics!! There are lots of formats for you from books, handouts, to DVDs.

If there is a certain topic you are interested in, contact me and I will tell you what we have that would address your topic.

In addition to the books, CD's, and DVD's that we have listed below, we also have Red Tote Bags that are full of information that you can borrow and take your time going through.This is great for teachers or parents looking to get a wide amount of information in one place.


Here are the topics we have in our Red Tote Bags.  Click on the topic and you will see what is available in that Red Tote Bag.

Divorce/Long Distance Parenting/Being Separated/Military

Parenting Solutions/Youth/Adolescence

Toilet Training


Dealing with Sex Education and Body Safety

Dealing with Anger

Dealing with Divorce

Asperger Syndrome and Autism

Below you will find an alphabetical list of all the books, DVD's, and CD's that we have available for check out.  The list is long so if you don't know the name of your book, email me and I can look it up another way.


"Words Will Never Hurt Me" Helping Kids Handle Teasing, Bullying, and Putdowns Book
1, 2, 3, 4 Parents: Parenting Children Ages One to Four #1 What You Need to Know About Your 1-4 Year Old DVD
1, 2, 3, 4 Parents: Parenting Children Ages One to Four #2 Discipline and Beyond DVD
1, 2, 3, 4 Parents: Parenting Children Ages One to Four #3 Building Better Behavior DVD
101 Ways To Be A Long-Distance Super Dad or Mom Too!!! Practical ways to stay close from afar Book
A Child Grows:  Your Baby's First Year DVD
Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims of Sexual Abuse Book
Active Parenting for Stepfamilies: #1 Stepfamily Living: A Different Parenting Challenge DVD
Active Parenting for Stepfamilies: #2 Finding Your Way: Stepfamily Communication & Problem Solving DVD
Active Parenting for Stepfamilies: #3 A Tale of Two Histories: Turning Differences Into Opportunities DVD
Active Parenting for Stepfamilies: #4 The Challenge of Discipline DVD
Active Parenting for Stepfamilies: #5 From Anger & Power Struggles to Courage & Self-Esteem DVD
Active Parenting for Stepfamilies: #6 Celebrating Stepfamily Successes DVD
Active Parenting Now Ages Five to Twelve: #1 Parenting in the 21st Century DVD
Active Parenting Now Ages Five to Twelve: #2 Active Communication DVD
Active Parenting Now Ages Five to Twelve: #3 Effective Discipline DVD
Active Parenting Now Ages Five to Twelve: #4 Sidestepping the Power Struggle DVD
Active Parenting Now Ages Five to Twelve: #5 Building Character, Courage, & Self-Esteem DVD
Active Parenting Now Ages Five to Twelve: #6 The Magic of Family Meetings DVD
Active Parenting of Teens: #1 The Active Parent DVD
Active Parenting of Teens: #2 Winning Cooperation DVD
Active Parenting of Teens: #3 Responsibility and Discipline DVD
Active Parenting of Teens: #4 Bulling Courage, Redirecting Misbehavior DVD
Active Parenting of Teens: #5 Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence: Reducing the Risk Part 1 DVD
Active Parenting of Teens: #6 Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence: Reducing the Risk Part 2 DVD
ADHD & Teens Book
Adolescence : The Survival Guide For Parents and Teenagers Book
Adolescence and other Temporary Mental Disorders DVD
All Kinds Of Families Book
Avoiding Power Struggles with Kids CD
Baby 411 Book
Backtalk: 4 Steps to Ending Rude Behavior in Your Kids Book
Basic Social Skills for Youth Book
Books, Babies, and School-Age Parents: How to Teach Pregnant and Parenting Tends to Succeed Book
Breastfeeding: A Parents Guide Book
Breastfeeding: A Parents Guide Book
Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down Book
C.S.P. #1 Parents Are Teachers DVD
C.S.P. #2 Encouraging Positive Behavior DVD
C.S.P. #3 Preventing Misbehavior DVD
C.S.P. #4 Correcting Problem Behaviors DVD
C.S.P. #5 Handling Emotionally Intense Situations DVD
C.S.P. #6 Helping Children Succeed In School DVD
Caring For Your Baby and Young Child Birth to Age Five Book
Changing Children's Behavior by changing the People, Places, and Activities in their lives Book
Children of Alcoholics Book
Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom Book
Choices & Consequences: What to do when a teenager uses alcohol/drugs Book
Common Sense Parenting #1 Building Relationships DVD
Common Sense Parenting #2 Teaching Children Self-Control DVD
Common Sense Parenting #3 Preventing Problem Behavior DVD
Common Sense Parenting #4 Correcting Misbehavior DVD
Common Sense Parenting #5 Teaching Kids to Make Good Decisions DVD
Common Sense Parenting #6 Helping Kids Succeed in School DVD
Common Sense Parenting 3rd Ed CD
Common Sense Parenting 3rd Ed School Aged Children Book
Common Sense Parenting 3rd Ed Toddlers & Preschoolers Book
Common Sense Parenting 3rd Ed Toddlers & Preschoolers CD
Common Sense Parenting Learn-at-Home Workbook and DVD Book/DVD
Death From Child Abuse…and no one heard Book
Developing Character in Teens CD
Didn't I tell you to take out the trash? CD
Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families Book
Disciplining Kids Without Screaming & Scolding DVD
Divorce Poison: How to Protect Your Family from Bod-mouthing and Brainwashing Book
Dr. Mom: A Guide To Baby and Child Care Book
Early Childhood Birth to 6 years CD
Early Childhood Birth to 6 years Book
Eight Things Not To Say To Your Teen Book
Ending the Homework Hassle Book
Even Mark Kids do stupid Things: Expert Help for Surviving adolescence. DVD
Five and Six Year Olds A Parent Guide DVD
From Chaos to Calm: Effective Parenting of Challenging Children with ADHD and Other Behavioral Problems Book
Full Esteem Ahead: 100 Ways to Build Self-Esteem in Children & Adults Book
Getting Along with Others Activity Book
Getting the Best Out of Your Kids Before They Get the Best of You Book
Getting Through to Your Kids Book
Go to Bed! Kids and Sleep DVD
Good Friends Are Hard To Find: Help your child find, make, and keep friends Book
Good Kids Who Do Bad Things: How to Help Your Kids Make Good Choices Book
Grandchildren are so much fun, I should have had them first Book
Grand parenting in a Changing World Book
Growing a Girl: Seven Strategies for Raising a Strong, Spirited Daughter Book
Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy Book
Happiest Baby on the Block: A new way to calm crying and help your baby sleep longer DVD
Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality Book
Healing a Child's Heart After Divorce: 100 Practical Ideas for families, friends, and caregivers Book
Helicopters, Drill Sergeants and Consultants CD
Helping The ADD/Hyperactive Child Book
Helping Your ADD Child  Book
Helping Your Child Sleep Through The Night Book
Helping Your Child Succeed in School Book
Hormones and Wheels CD
How Much Is Enough? Everything You Need to Know to Steer Clear of Overindulgence and Raise, Likeable, Responsible and Respective Children Book
How to Discipline Kids without Loosing Their Love and Respect DVD
How to Discipline Kids without Loosing Their Love and Respect Book
How to Make the Best of Sibling Rivalry DVD
How to Raise Kids Who Make Responsible Decisions When Nobody is Watching DVD
How to Say It to Your Kids: The right words to solve problems, soothe feelings, & teach values Book
How to Stop the Battle With Your Teenager Book
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk Book
How to Talk to Your Child About Sex: a step-by-step guide for every age Book
Hugs For the Hurting: Stories, Sayings, and Scriptures to Encourage and Inspire The Heart Book
I Love You All Day Long: Being apart from each other Book
Is the Baby Ok?  Assessing Your Baby's Development DVD
Keeping Cool When Parenting Heats up CD
Keeping Your Family Close When Frequent Travel Pulls You Apart: How you can develop closeness and deepen your togetherness-at home or at a distance Book
Kid Wrangling: The real guide to caring for babies, toddlers, and little kids Book
Kids are Worth it! Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline Book
Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace Book
Kids, Money & Values Book
Liberated Parents Liberated Children Book
Living in s Step-Family Without Getting Stepped On Book
Long-Distance Grand parenting: Connecting with your grandchildren from afar Book
Love and Logic Solutions DVD
Love and Logicisms Book
Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours Book
Making It As A Stepparent: New Roles/New Rules Book
MegaSkills: In School and in Life - The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child Book
Millionaire Babies or Bankrupt Brats Book
Mom to Mom: Moving from Unspoken Questions to Quiet Confidence Book
More Ideas About Parenting with Less Stress Book
The New Dad Book
No More Misbehavin': 38 Difficult Behaviors and How to Stop Them Book
No -Why Kids of All Ages Need to It and Ways Parents Can Say It Book
Nurturing America's Military Families: Seven Individual Lessons to Strengthen the bods of couples and families in the military DVD
Nurturing Parenting: 10 Individual parenting lessons for promoting a community philosophy of nurturing for the primary prevention of child abuse and neglect DVD
Oh Great! What Do I Do Now? CD
Out of Harms Way Book
Painless Parenting for the Preschool Years DVD
Parent Power Book
Parenthood Without Hassles well almost Book
Parenting 911 Book
Parenting Apart: The ultimate resource for divorced and separated parents Book
Parenting Doesn't Have to Be Rocket Science DVD
Parenting for Prevention: How to Raise a Child to Say No to Alcohol/Drugs Book
Parenting From A Distance: Living Through Divorce and The Losses From Parental Alienation Book
Parenting from a Distance: Your Rights and Responsibilities: A valuable resource for incarcerated parents Book
Parenting Isn't For Cowards Book
Parenting Kids to Become the People Employers Really Want  Book
Parenting on Your Own Book
Parenting One Day at a Time Book
Parenting Teens with Love and Logic CD
Parenting Teens with Love and Logic Book
Parenting Through Crisis: Helping Kids In Times of Loss, Grief, and Change Book
Parenting to Build Character In Your Teen Book
Parenting Toward Solutions: How Parents Can Use Skills they Already Have to Raise Responsible, Love Kids Book
Parenting with Love and Logic CD
Parenting Without Pressure Book
Parenting Without Punishment: Making Problem Behavior Work for You Book
Parenting Young Children: Helpful Strategies Based on STEP for Parents of Children Under Six Book
Parenting Your One to Four Year Old: Workbook Book
Parenting Your Teenager Book
Parents Assuring Student Success Workbook
Pigs Eat Wolves: An adult fair tale about facing the consume us. Book
Please Tell Me This Is Just a Stage Book
Positive Discipline for Blended Families Book
Positive Discipline for Preschoolers Book
Positive Discipline for Teenagers Book
Positive Discipline: The First Three Years Book
Positive Parenting Your Teens Book
Powder Room Reader Insider's Club Tips Book
Preschooler Problem Solver 2 to 5 years old Book
Put the Fun Back into Parenting CD
Raising A Son: Parents and the Making of a Healthy Man Book
Raising Children without Losing Your Voice or Your Mind DVD
Raising Self-Reliant Children In A Self-Indulgent World Book
Real World Parenting Solutions DVD
Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls Book
Safe Connections Book
Safe Kids Videos: Pool Safety, SIDS Prevention, Bike Safety, Passenger Safety, Pedestrian Safety DVD
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers Book
Seize The Moment, Not Your Teen Book
Self-Esteem: A Family Affair Book
Separated By Duty, United in Love: A guide to long-distance relationships for military couples Book
Setting Limits and Boundaries: How to Say No to Your Kids DVD
Shaking Hitting Spanking: What to do Instead DVD
Shaping Self-Concept CD
Shorten The Distance: Nurture your child from anywhere, anytime Book
Sibling Rivalry CD
Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Too Book
Simple Parenting Strategies DVD
Sleeping Through the Night Book
Sleepless in America: Practical Strategies To Help Your Family Get the Sleep It Deserves Book
Smart Parenting: How to Parent So Children Will Learn Book
Snooze…Or Lose!  10 "No-War" Ways to Improve Your Teen's Sleep Habits Book
Spanking, What To Do Instead DVD
Step parenting Everything you need to know to make it work Book
Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand: How to Create a Culture That Cares for Kids Book
Strengthening Your Stepfamily Book
Successful Parenting Heart of Parenting Series Part 1: Self-Esteem Is The Key DVD
Successful Parenting Heart of Parenting Series Part 2: Communication is Crucial DVD
Successful Parenting Heart of Parenting Series Part 3: Discipline Makes the Difference DVD
Successful Parenting School Success Series Part 4: School Success Takes Teamwork  DVD
Successful Parenting School Success Series Part 5: Taming the Homework Monster DVD
Successful Parenting The Single Parent Family Series Part 6: A Challenge for Children DVD
Successful Parenting The Single Parent Family Series Part 7: A Challenge for Parents DVD
Take Charge of Your Child's Sleep Book
Taking Charge of ADHD Book
Taking the Stress Out of Raising Great Kids Book
Teach Your Baby to Sign Book
Teaching Social Skills to Youth w/Mental Health Disorders Book
Teaching Social Skills to Youth Book W/CD
Teaching Your Children Responsibility Book
Teenage Boys: Shaping the Man Inside Book
Ten Things Every Child Needs DVD
The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children: Parenting From the Heart Book
The Greatest Gifts Our Children Give to Us CD
The Basic Shelf Cookbook Book
The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to your everyday challenges and wildest worries Book
The Business Traveling Parent: How to stay close to your kids when you're far away Book
The Divorce Workbook for Children: Help for Kids to Overcome Difficult Family Changes & Grow Up Happy Workbook
The Divorced Parent: Success Strategies for Raising Your Children After Separation Book
The Explosive Child Book
The Feeling Good Handbook Book
The Identity Society  Book
The Life Saver Kit CD
The Long Distance Grandmother: How to Stay Close to Distant Grandchildren Book
The Long-Distance Dad: How you can be there for your child - whether divorced, deployed, or on the road Book
The Myth of the A.D.D. Child Book
The Not-So-Terrible Twos DVD
The Preschooler Problem Solver: Tackling Tough and Tricky Transitions with Your Two to Five Year Old Book
The School-Savvy Parent: 365 Insider Tips to Help You Help Your Child Book
The Sleepeasy Solution for Crib Sleepers DVD
The Stepfamily: Living, Loving, & Learning Book
The Survivor's Guide: Education for Adolescent Females Who Have Been Sexually Abused Book
The Winning Family: Increasing Self-Esteem in Your Children and Yourself Book
Tickets to Success Book
To Be An Anchor in the Storm: A guide for Families and Friends of Abused Women Book
Toddler 411 Book
Toddlers and Pre-schoolers 6 months to 5 years CD
The Toddler Years Book
Tough Love: When You Can't Reach Troubled Teens Book
Trouble-free Teens CD
Uncommon Sense for Parent with Teenagers Book
Understanding Children & Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Problems Book
Violence Proof Your Kids Now Book
What Do You Do with a Child Like This? Book
What Kids Need to Succeed Book
What Teens Need Most from Their Parents Book
What To Expect The First Year Book
What to Expect When You're Expecting Book
What's Happening To My Body? Book for Boys Book
What's Happening To My Body? Book for Girls Book
When Families Grieve
When Kids Leave You Speechless Book
When your kids Drain Your energy CD
Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen Book
Why Johnny Can't Tell Right From Wrong and What We Can Do About It Book
Win the Whining War & Other Skirmishes: A Family Peace Plan Book
Working Parents Thriving Families: 10 Strategies that make a difference in your time together Book
You & Your Adolescent Book
You and Your Military Hero: For Ages 5-12 Adult-Guided Activities & Games Activity Book
Your Baby's First Year Book
Your Child Bullying Book
Your Child Is Smart: A New Approach to Learning Book
Your Pregnancy & Newborn Journey Book
Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-be Book
Your Preschooler DVD
You Raising Your Child Book
Your Toddler DVD

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