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7 - 9 Years Old

If you have questions or concerns about your child's development, talk your pediatrician, they are a awesome resource!

Able to solve simple problems "in his/her head".

Able to understand jokes and teasing.

Increased need for independence.

Unique personal interests emerge.

Communicates orally, through reading and writing.

Judge parents yet are sensitive to personal criticism.

put importance on friends but family is still tops.

Develop a sense of right and wrong.

Are very concerned about rules.

Know big words but not really what they mean.

What to help with decisions, though parents have final say.

Like repetitious activities like bouncing a ball or jumping rope.

Assert individuality.

Question adult authority.

Enjoy riddles and magic.

Love collections.

Need personal privacy.

Think about future and other people.

Easily get upset.

Are loyal.

Dresses like their peer group.

Want to join clubs.

Counts money.

Begin to empathize with others' feelings.

Learns to tell time.

Fear school failures and peer rejection.

Have their first mild release of hormones.

Enjoy one-to-one activities with adults.

Usually grow slowly and steadily.

Know left from right.

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