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5 - 6 Years Old

If you have questions or concerns about your child's development, talk your pediatrician, they are a awesome resource!

Plays organized games.

Follows a 3 step direction. (Needs to be clear and simple)

Cuts with scissors.

Copies familiar shapes.

Draws a person with 6-8 body parts.

Catches a bounced ball.

Counts to 10.

Understands the meanings of many words.

Learns best by exploring "real" materials.

Enjoys the process, end product is not as important.

Likes to pay with other children, are generally sociable.

Begin "selective hearing".

Able to learn their birth date, address, and phone number.

Fear monsters, ghosts, getting lost and animals.

Sees situations from their own point of view.

Have poor table manners (but able to learn)

Have 10-15 minute attention span (if really interested)


Learn self-control in groups.

Are energetic.

Can tell what happens next in a sequenced story.

Jumps and lands on their feet.

Usually obeys rules.

Can cooperate.


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