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18 Months Old

If you have questions or concerns about your baby's development, talk your pediatrician, they are a awesome resource!

Tries to put on shoes.

Feeds self with spoon.

Likes to help.

Lets you know what he/she wants.

Points to things when named.

Walks without help.

Picks up a cheerio.

Builds a tower with 3 blocks.

Temper tantrums are common.

(Parenting tip:  when they are throwing a temper tantrum, it is to get your attention.  It does not matter if it is negative or positive attention.  Just walk out of the room, when they are calm (you too) walk back in and talk to them.  If they start to scream again, walk out.  You might have to cycle a few times, but they will get the idea that throwing a tantrum doesn't get the fun interaction with you.)

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