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10 - 12 Years Old

If you have questions or concerns about your child's development, talk your pediatrician, they are a awesome resource!

Problem solves conflict situations.

Demonstrates feelings appropriately (anger, humor, fear, happiness, sadness).

Able to assume more responsibility for behavior (i.e. uses an alarm clock, can pack their own lunch, ready for school on time.)

Girls notice boys.

Primp and are preoccupied with body developments.

Develop a sense of fairness.

Have a well-developed funny bone.

Asks "Am I an adult or a child?"

Enjoy mystery and adventure.

Relax and are generally well adjusted.

Likes adults.

Are able to plan ahead and organize.

Have poor posture.

Have strong opinions.

Have inconsistent sleeping and eating patterns.

May express anger physically.

Are reading well and regularly for enjoyment.

Are excited and enthusiastic.

Are eager to please.

Need a variety of activities.

Are outspoken.

Like to hang out with friends.

Need to be a part of the planning, resist when being told what to do.

Have well-developed motor skills.

Are awkward do to growth.

Radiate lots of energy.

Love or hate, have little "middle ground."

Are prone to accidents.

Have conflicts with parents due to new ideas outside of family's values.

Are prone to accidents.

Have distinct interests and talents.

Fear kidnapping, being alone in the dark, parents' divorce, war, and personal danger.

Needs consistent boundaries set by parents.

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