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Seed Health & Phytosanitary Services and Fees

Special tests not listed below may be available by arrangement. Fees listed are effective July 2016.

General Tests

  • Pathogen Identification from seed - isolation/DNA extraction/PCR/Sequencing: $90 per isolate (3 isolates minimum)
  • Pathogenicity test - Pathogen Identification from seed plus inoculate susceptible host plants with isolated and characterized suspected pathogen: $135 per isolate (3 isolates minimum)
  • Nematode seed wash (cyst and foliar nematodes): $30

Dry Beans

  • "Dome test" for Bacterial blight pathogens (3-5 lbs minimum sample): $85
  • Anthracnose (3-5 lbs minimum sample, 1000 seeds tested): $85


  • The PDL does not accept whole tuber samples for PCR unless they are from in state and 400 tubers or less OR have prior authorization. Coring instructions available upon request.
  • Late blight tuber screen (min. 400 tubers; allow at least 3-4 weeks for test results): $125
  • Virus testing on tuber sprouts; 400 tubers if winter grow out results are available; 600 tubers if no winter grow out was performed; we test 2 sprouts per tuber and we bulk 2 or 5 tubers per ELISA test well; allow at least 4-8 weeks for test results for dormant tubers. $2.50/well for first virus for BULK samples (see general services and fees for ELISA pricing for individual, or non-bulk, samples).
    • For each additional virus, same sample: $1.00 per ELISA test well
  • Potato tissue culture 6-virus/1-bacteria screen (PVA, PVM, PVS, PVX, PVY, PLRV, and Cms): $25 per plantlet

Pulse crops - lentil/chickpea (garbanzo)/field pea

  • Ascochyta screening, pea/lentil (3-5 lbs; 600 seeds tested): $100
  • Ascochyta screening, chickpea (3-5 lbs; 1000 seeds tested): $125
  • Nematode seed wash (cyst and foliar nematodes): $30
  • Pea Seed-borne Mosaic Virus and other seedborne viruses (3-5 lbs; 2000 seeds tested): $125

Small Grains

  • Black point screen (2-3 lbs minimum; 400 seeds tested): $85
  • Bunt seed wash (per ISTA method; 1000 grams minimum; 50 grams tested): $75
  • Fusarium sp. screen (2-3 lbs minimum; 400 seeds tested): $85
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