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General Services and Fees

Special tests not listed below may be available by arrangement. Fees listed are effective January 1, 2014.

  • Out of State: $45 (includes routine diagnosis, culture, ELISA, or Immunostrip)
  • Routine Diagnosis - ND Residents and adjacent MN counties (Red River Valley): $25; 
    • Includes analysis by visual examination, moist chamber incubation, microscopy
  • Diagnosis with Culture - ND Resident/Red River Valley: $30 ($45 out of state)
    • Includes Routine Diagnosis plus culturing
  • Pathogen Identification - PCR only (gene-based analysis using specific primers; no sequencing): $50 per sample
  • Pathogen Identification - PCR plus Sequencing: $90
  • ELISA (serological tests for certain plant pathogenic viruses, fungi, or bacteria): $35 for first sample
    • $10 for each additional sample, same pathogen
    • Bulk rate or over 50% of a 96 well plate is $2.5/ well including controls, with additional viruses tested for the same sample at $1/well rate.
      • Additional fees may be applied for samples requiring non-standard processing.
      • Rates are for standard, in-stock ELISA tests only; unusual tests will have a unique pricing schedule.
    • Potato viruses, cereal grain viruses, bacterial potato pathogens, and others (call the lab to inquire about availability)
  • Immunostrip (serological; Phytophthora; Erwinia amylovora; Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. nebraskensis; four common ornamental viruses): $30 ND resident ($45 out of state)
  • Plant Identification: $15
  • Insect Identification: Free in 2017 (Samples from out of state or commercial entities may incur fee; Samples outside of USA, including email photos, may be denied)
  • Fungus/home mold Identification (based on submitted samples only): $15
  • Cyst nematode - Soil analysis: $30
  • Soil Bioassay - sugarbeet rhizomania (BNYVV) or root rot index (Aphanomyces): $135
  • Potato tuber/storage/soft rots evaluation - PLEASE CONTACT LAB for pre-approval - we are limited in capacity/cold storage: $45 (min. 30-40 lbs)
  • Roundup Ready CP4 EPSPE protein testing - $30
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