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2018 Oliver County Newsletter



Wind towersWelcome to the Oliver County Extension, we will keep you informed about  upcoming meetings and presentations.   If you need assistance in locating information on a subject please feel free to contact our office at 701- 794-8748.


Oliver County Extension Newsletter


Oliver County Chemical Cost Share Program

The Oliver County Weed Board will be assisting Oliver County land owners in purchasing specific chemicals to help control weeds on the North Dakota Noxious Weed list.  Chemicals available are: Curtail, Milestone, Plateau, Tordon (Restricted use Pesticide, requires a private applicator license).  Call the Oliver County Extension at 794-8748 for more information on chemical purchases.

Bred Heifers - Figuring a Fair Price

With the drastic down turn in the fed cattle market, the prices for other classes of cattle have decreased. While some short term rebound in prices may occur, the long term outlook is for increased supply and prices trending lower.

To figure out what is affordable requires some estimation on future costs and prices. At the recent Central Dakota Ag Day, three methods for calculating bred heifer prices were shown. These calculations resulted in similar values for bred heifers. One option to bred heifer pricing used the following assumptions:

  1. Costs to maintain a cow per year: Pasture ($252.00) + Winter Feed ($270.00) = $612 per cow yearly based on actual costs determined by North Dakota Farm Business Management. (http://www.ndfarmmanagement.com/)
  2. Cow Longevity: 15.16% replacement rate; 5.7 year average cow age based on 'CHAPS' Cow Herd Appraisal Performance Software by the North Dakota Beef Cattle Improvement Association (http://www.chaps2000.com)
  3. Cull Cow Income: 1300 lb. cull cow at $60/cwt= $780.00/head
  4. Calf Income: Average weight calves sold= 594 lbs (2014 ND Farm Business Management)*    Estimated price for 600 lbs. feeder calves = $135.00/cwt or $810/head.
  5. Income over lifetime: Number of calf crops/cow= 4.7 (5.1 minus 1 if heifer doesn't calve until 2 years of age)  4.7 calf crops at $810.00= $3807.00 lifetime.  Cull Cow: 1,300 lbs at $0.60= $780.00  
  6. Expenses over lifetime: Pasture- $252.00 * 4.7 = $1,184.40; Feed - $270 * 4.7= $1,269.00; Yardage (Includes breeding and vet) - $90.00 * 4.7= $423. Total= $2,876.40
  7. Value of a bred heifer: Income of $5,314.05 - Expenses of $2,876.40 =Net of $2,437.65 (Value of a Bred Heifer)
  8. Do you want to budget a profit required? $100/head? ($100 * 4.7= $470.00) = Net = $2,437.65 - $470=$1,967.65 (Value of a Heifer with a $100.00 budgeted profit)
  9. Need to deduct interest expense if borrowed money: $1,967.65 * 5%= $98.38/year

Bred heifer prices for December 2016 are presently ranging from $1,100-$1,500 per head based on weight, quality, breed, AI Bred and other factors.


Soybean Cyst Nematode

Soybeans have made an increasing impact on Oliver County Producers in the past few years.  Acres have continuously increased and have now become a major crop in the county.  With a new crop new challenges will soon follow.  Soybean Cyst Nematode has become a serious production factor in many parts of the state.  If you produced soybeans in 2016 and would like to sample your fields to determine if SCN is present on your land, the North Dakota Soybean Council along with the NDSU Extension Service are providing free analyses of soybean fields in each county.  If you are interested, contact the Oliver County Extension office at 794-8748.

Information Requested

The Oliver County Extension Service is attempting to put together and email data base for the producers of Oliver County.  We have a tremendous amount of information that we can provide to you to help keep your operation more informed.  We would ask that you fill out the areas of interest that you would like to receive information on.  Feel confident that we DO NOT share the information with anyone else.  We fell that email is a more efficient way to get specific information to the producers that would like to receive the information.  We ask that you fill out the questionaire at the end of this newsletter and return it to the Extension Office either by phone, mail, or email.  Phone: 794-8748, email: rick.schmidt@ndsu.edu or mail to NDSU Extension Oliver County, PO Box 166, Center, ND.


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2018 Publications Available

The Extension Office has several new publications available - ND Field Inspected Seed Guide,  Weed Guide, Variety Trial results from the REC’s.











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