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CalfWEB.  This site is designed to assist cattle feeders in evaluating the potential and actual profitability in feeding cattle. 

CowWEB  This site is designed to assist cow-calf operators in evaluating their cost of production, calculate calf breakeven selling price, and projected returns.

Cow Nutrition and Feeding (PowerPoint)    
Narrative - Cow Nutrition and Feeding (Word)  

Livestock Updates

Cattle Management in Cold Weather Webinar

Right Sizing Your Cows   

COW HERD Replacement              

Field Pea for Feed   

Pasture Calving-Tagging Calves   

Cost to Raise Calves and Expected Market Value      

Calving Seasons and Management    

Cowherd Mineral Supplementation: Why, When, What How     

Adoptions of Bale Grazing    

Preventing Weak Calves    

Poor Breeding leads to High Culling     

Grazing Cover Crop    

Valuing Straw    

Cow Leasing

Bull Fertility Testing

Late Gestation Abortions

Perennial Forage Planting

Fair Rate for Custom Calving

Using Farmland for Pasture

Supplementing Bulls-minerals, vitamins, fats?

Testing Stock Water

Risk of Tetany


Right Sizing Your Cows, 2017  

Fall Grazing Opportunities and Cautions, 2017       

Shopping for the Right Bull from the Right Place, 2017   

Production Efficiency, 2015 

Gleaning the 2013 NDSU Beef Report, 2014

More, Bigger, or Better, 2014

Strategic Calving Season, 2014

Selecting For Fertility, 2014

Feeding for Fertility, 2014

Getting in With Someone Else's Cattle, 2013

Building Herd Fertility, 2013

New Forage Realities, 2013 

Forage Only Backgrounding Performance, 2013 

A Path to Cow Burnout (past fifty perspective), 2012

Cows Plus Work Can Equal Opportunity, 2011  

Self Feeding Options, 2011 

Understanding and Utilizing Genetics for Efficient Profitable Beef Production, 2011

Late Grazing Cover Crops, 2011

Cows Plus Work Equal Opportunity, 2011

Sustainable Ranching, 2013

Strategies to make Big Cows (been there done that), 2011

A Path to Cow Burnout (past fifty perspective), 2011

Cover Crop Experience, 2011

Our Story, 2009

Field Feeding-a Win-Win, 2009

Feed Efficiency Getting Attention in Beef Industry, 2009

Building Blocks to High Reproductive Efficiency, 2009

A Pork Story, 2009

Formulate your Genetic Strategy Before Bull Buying, 2007

Anticipation Dry, 2007

Things You See, Hear, and Learn on a Cattle Tour, 2006

Setting Heifers Up for Long Life Cow, 2006

Change in Cow/Calf Business, 2006    

The Spring Pasture Challenge, 2004

Leveraging Your Summer Pasture for More Carrying Capacity, 2004

Planning for Forage, 2004

Cattle Comments-Cows and Corn Fields, 2004

Hybrid and Composite Breeding Bulls, 2004

Selection Indexes for Beef Cattle, 2004

Hog Prices Drop, Feeding Costs Critical, 2004   


Video Discussions

Hoopbarn Finishing  

Swath Grazing 

Cover Crops  

Pasture Problems 

CRP Pasture

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