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North Dakota Shows Continued Growth in Average Compensation Per Job   ( 2008-02-07 )
The average compensation per job in North Dakota rose in 2006.
Federal Dollars to North Dakota Up in 2005   ( 2008-01-03 )
North Dakota continues to pull in significant federal dollars to fund an increasingly diverse set of changes and opportunities.
North Dakota Housing Units Continue to Rise Despite Little Change in Population   ( 2007-12-06 )
Current estimates reveal a continuing rise in North Dakota’s established housing trend.
Racial Diversity in North Dakota Continues to Rise   ( 2007-11-08 )
The racial minority population in North Dakota grew 13.8 percent from 2000 through 2006.
North Dakota Dependency Ratio Expected to Increase   ( 2007-10-04 )
A decline in North Dakota’s youth during the past couple of decades, combined with the bulk of baby boomers moving through the prime labor force, has resulted in a declining dependency ratio (fewer dependents per worker).
North Dakota Ranks Well Nationally in Child Well-being, But Areas of Concern Exist   ( 2007-09-06 )
North Dakota ranks eighth best in the nation on child well-being indicators.
North Dakota Shows Growth in Average Compensation Per Job   ( 2007-08-02 )
While job compensation in North Dakota is experiencing consistent and positive growth, the average compensation of $37,635 earned in North Dakota still lags behind most states.
Numbers of North Dakota Business Establishments and Business Employees Grew in 2005   ( 2007-07-03 )
Total payroll for North Dakota businesses was $7.8 billion in 2005, up 28.4 percent from $6.1 billion in 2000.
North Dakota's Population Sees Slight Growth Despite Net Out-migration   ( 2007-06-06 )
As of July 1, 2006, the state's population totaled 635,867, an increase of 1,262 people since July 1, 2005.
North Dakota's Population Reflects Modest Growth in 2006   ( 2007-05-03 )
North Dakota's population grew in 15 counties from 2005 to 2006.
Fewer than 1 in 4 ACT-tested N.D. High School Graduates College-ready   ( 2007-04-05 )
The key to improving college readiness is encouraging students to take more courses.
North Dakota’s Poverty Rate Sees Little Change in 2004   ( 2007-03-08 )
Certain populations in North Dakota are harder hit by poverty than others.
Average Wage Growth in North Dakota Among the Largest in Nation   ( 2007-02-08 )
The average wage per job in North Dakota rose to $29,818 in 2005
North Dakota Housing Units Continue to Rise Despite Little Change in Population   ( 2007-01-04 )
Housing units in North Dakota have grown by nearly three-fourths since 1950.

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