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Feed Efficiency Getting Attention in Beef Industry   ( 2008-03-20 )
Genetics could play a larger role in improving cattle quality and cutting feed costs.
NDSU Releases Sheep Research Report   ( 2008-03-06 )
NDSU’s 2008 sheep report includes research on sheep embryos, artificial insemination, nutrition and distillers grains as feed.
Correct Colostrum Handling, Storage Critical   ( 2008-01-31 )
NDSU’s Extension beef cattle specialist offers advice on making sure newborn calves receive enough colostrum.
NDSU Seeking Calves for Feedout Project   ( 2007-10-31 )
NDSU is looking for producers to consign calves to the next Eastern North Dakota Cattle Feedout project.
Dairy Focus: Balance Ration to Offset Expensive Corn   ( 2007-10-25 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on finding alternatives to corn in the dairy cow’s diet.
Dairy Focus: Study the Economics of Distillers Feeds   ( 2007-08-30 )
Feed value and shipping distance help determine whether distillers grains are a good source of food for dairy cattle.
Dairy Focus: Distillers Grains Can Contribute to Performance and Cost   ( 2007-08-23 )
Distillers grains can be a good protein supplement for dairy cattle.
Dairy Focus: Manage Wet Byproducts to Prevent Spoilage   ( 2007-08-16 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist provides tips on storing wet distillers grains.
Dairy Focus: Why Feed Byproducts?   ( 2007-07-26 )
NDSU’s Extension dairy specialist helps producers decide whether feeding byproducts is the right option for them.
Livestock Producers Face Higher Feed Prices   ( 2007-07-19 )
An NDSU Extension beef specialist offers strategies to offset higher feed costs.
Dairy Focus: Develop Strategies to Lower Feed Costs   ( 2007-07-19 )
NDSU’s Extension dairy specialist offers suggestions for lowering feed costs.
Dairy Focus: Feeding Impacts Dairy Efficiency   ( 2007-07-12 )
Dairy farmers need to improve feed efficiency to maintain their profit margin.
Dairy Focus: Know the Cost of Raising Replacement Heifers   ( 2007-06-28 )
Dairy producers need to be aware of the cost of raising replacement heifers and find ways to reduce those costs.
Dairy Focus: Consider Pros and Cons of Alternatives to Corn   ( 2007-06-21 )
Producers need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of substituting less costly feed for corn in dairy cattle diets.
Dairy Focus: Dairy Producers Compete with Ethanol for Corn   ( 2007-06-14 )
The ethanol industry's demand for corn is driving up feed costs for dairy producers.
Water Quality Can Affect Livestock Weight Gain   ( 2007-05-31 )
Studies indicate water quality is tied to forage consumption in livestock, which has an impact on weight gain.
Drought Creates Livestock Water Supply, Access Issues   ( 2007-05-24 )
Producers need to make sure their livestock have a good water supply and easy access to it.
Producers Should Make Natural Beef Decision Now   ( 2007-05-21 )
NDSU Extension beef specialists say now is the time to decide whether to raise new calves the natural way.
Do the Math Before Creep Feeding   ( 2007-04-26 )
NDSU livestock specialists offer the pros and cons of creep feeding.
Dairies Consider Shorter Dry Period   ( 2007-02-15 )
An NDSU Extension dairy specialist provides advice to dairy farmers who are thinking about going to a shorter dry-cow program.

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