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Livestock Pest Management is Vital   ( 2016-05-26 )
Horn flies cause an estimated $1 billion loss annually in the U.S.
BeefTalk: Cut Expenses Smartly, Not Quickly   ( 2016-05-19 )
Don’t let knee-jerk reactions get in the way of good planning.
BeefTalk: A Heads-up for a Dry Summer: Plan Forage Production Now   ( 2016-04-21 )
Take forage quality as well as quantity into account when deciding when to harvest.
5th Annual N.D. Angus University Feed-out Set   ( 2016-04-19 )
The project gives producers information on feedlot performance, quality grade and potential retained ownership profitability.
BeefTalk: How Big is the Bull?   ( 2015-12-10 )
Tools such as expected progeny differences help producers buy the right bulls.
BeefTalk: Who Gets the Weight?   ( 2015-11-25 )
The opportunity to use nontraditional beef production methods is very real.
BeefTalk: Good Cattle-working Facilities Should be a High Priority   ( 2015-11-12 )
Producers need to plan ahead for cattle-working days and invest in good, secure cattle-working facilities.
BeefTalk: Flexible Planning Starts With Practical Cow Sort Lists   ( 2015-10-29 )
Don’t join the “I wish I had sorted the cows!” club.
Fall is Time to Get Cattle Ready for Winter   ( 2015-10-20 )
Checking cows’ body condition scores, evaluating bulls and vaccinating against diseases are good management steps in the fall.
NDSU Shares Beef Cattle Research Results   ( 2015-10-16 )
Nutrition and production are among the issues highlighted in the 2015 North Dakota Beef Report.
BeefTalk: I Don’t Feel Well Today   ( 2015-10-15 )
Producers should strive for a stress-free environment when weaning and stress-free movement of cattle in their care.
NDSU Schedules Calf Backgounding Program   ( 2015-10-01 )
The program will cover topics including feeding calves in a declining market and feeding calves for weaning.
Put Pregnancy Checking Information to Use   ( 2015-09-04 )
Pregnancy checking opens doors for producers to manage their herds strategically.
BeefTalk: Grazing Systems Combine MLRAs and Ecological Sites   ( 2015-07-30 )
Grazing systems are dependent on location and available feed.
Prepare for Heat Stress in Cattle   ( 2015-07-14 )
Heat stress impacts cattle the most when they are exposed to hot and humid weather for a period of time.
BeefTalk: Pounds, Efficiency, Quality   ( 2015-07-09 )
Pounds, efficiency and quality are important components of the beef business.
Think Forage Quality When Planning Hay Schedule   ( 2015-06-25 )
Choosing a date for the hay harvest depends on many factors.
BeefTalk: Biosecurity Confessions   ( 2015-06-04 )
I must confess some consternation with this expectation of restrictions such as protective boots and clothing and bottles of disinfectant.
BeefTalk: Cow Size and Success in the Beef Business   ( 2015-05-28 )
Coffee discussions tend to assume an answer quickly, but the reality is much more difficult and complicated.
BeefTalk: Genetic Diversity is a Good Thing   ( 2015-05-21 )
Crossbreeding various breeds of cattle produced calves that are genetically varied. This expanded gene pool has positive benefits on calf survival, growth and subsequent reproduction as mature cattle.

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