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Now is Time for Bovine Viral Diarrhea Testing   ( 2007-05-03 )
The NDSU Extension veterinarian is urging producers to get their cattle tested for bovine viral diarrhea.
BeefTalk: Lowline Cattle – Matching Calving Ease with Value on the Rail   ( 2007-04-26 )
The beef business, from a producer's standpoint, is very much like a picture puzzle.
Producers Must Meet Cattle Importation Requirements   ( 2007-04-26 )
Cattle brought into North Dakota must be officially identified.
Do the Math Before Creep Feeding   ( 2007-04-26 )
NDSU livestock specialists offer the pros and cons of creep feeding.
Don't Forget Anthrax in 2007   ( 2007-04-24 )
Livestock producers should get their animals vaccinated against anthrax now, the NDSU Extension Service's veterinarian says.
BeefTalk: Loala Bulls Impact Calving Ease   ( 2007-04-19 )
Since most producers have their cows calve in the spring, this is the logical time to critique calving records.
BeefTalk: Damn – I Just Can’t Get It   ( 2007-04-05 )
The process of calving comes down to two principles.
BeefTalk: Is Manure a Waste Problem or a Resource?   ( 2007-03-29 )
Our mindset determines to what extent we are open to change and if the possibility really exists.
BeefTalk: Remind Me Later   ( 2007-03-15 )
The days of ration balancing and breeding cows are still good topics for a winter meeting, but times are changing.
BeefTalk: Precalving Should Mean Contented Cows   ( 2007-03-08 )
Cows are calving or very pregnant, so contentment is prevalent in the cowherd.
BeefTalk: Vaccinate and Get a head of the Storm   ( 2007-03-01 )
The Dickinson Research Extension Center is busy vaccinating the cows for scours and getting better prepared for the calving season.
CAFO Owner/Operator Training Scheduled for March 13 and 15   ( 2007-03-01 )
An owner or operator of a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) should plan to attend a training session on March 13 or 15.
BeefTalk: A Review of a Good Sale Catalog   ( 2007-02-22 )
A good catalog starts out with a friendly welcome and factual information about the sale.
Livestock Development Priority for NDSU Extension Service   ( 2007-02-15 )
The NDSU Extension Service works to add value to agriculture by expanding North Dakota’s livestock industry.
BeefTalk: Good Bull Ads Let the Data Shine   ( 2007-02-08 )
Two very important functions should occur when advertising bulls for sale.
Market Advisor: U.S. Cattle Herd Increases Slightly   ( 2007-02-08 )
Total cattle numbers in the U.S. were at 97 million head on Jan. 1, slightly above the 96.7 million on Jan 1, 2006.
BeefTalk: True or False - The Biggest Blowfish Use EPDs   ( 2007-02-01 )
In the world of beef production, finding the finite, absolute answer is very difficult.
BeefTalk: Animal Identification, a Reality or Simply a Perception   ( 2007-01-25 )
The latest bit of news regarding the questionable origin of cattle slaughtered last fall, but only noted this year, continues to call for some type of explanation.
Market Advisor: The Early 2007 Northern Plains Cattle Market   ( 2007-01-25 )
Weather already has affected the 2007 cattle market.
BeefTalk: The Annual Bull Buying Season Starts – Time to Bone Up on EPDs   ( 2007-01-11 )
While the development of EPDs is complicated, the application of EPD numbers to bull-buying techniques is reasonably straightforward and simple.

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