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Dakota Feeder Calf Show Set for Oct. 20 in Turtle Lake   ( 2007-09-27 )
NDSU’s next Dakota Feeder Calf Show and Feedout is set for Oct. 20.
Hortiscope   ( 2007-09-27 )
Ron Smith answers reader's questions about the world of plants and gardening
BeefTalk: The Willow Stick and Water – Can’t Live Without It   ( 2007-09-13 )
Water was and still is the major source of life.
BeefTalk: Don’t Forget That Every Good Rose Has Good Thorns   ( 2007-09-06 )
In agriculture, as in many industries, those who survive tend to be thick-skinned.
BeefTalk: Change Is Slow, But It Is Coming   ( 2007-08-30 )
Positive thoughts and actions are occurring in the beef industry.
BeefTalk: Animal Identification Slowly Is Becoming a Maze That Goes Nowhere   ( 2007-08-23 )
Little did those who established the principle of heterosis and promoted the development of crossbreeding programs realize just how badly they upset the applecart.
Market Advisor: Weather Continues to Restrict Cattle Cycle Expansion   ( 2007-08-23 )
The short supply of cattle will be supportive to prices in 2007 and 2008.
BeefTalk: What Happened to the Calving Book?   ( 2007-08-16 )
Given the intensity and desire expressed by cattle producers, the calving book is a critical part of the beef operation.
BeefTalk: Wrecks Are Not Desirable; Vaccinate Your Calves Now   ( 2007-08-09 )
The bottom line is that the need for preconditioned calves is now the norm, not the exception.
Fly Problem Severe for N.D. Cattle   ( 2007-08-02 )
NDSU Extension specialists offer advice on controlling the flies that pester cattle and horses.
BeefTalk: Is What We Say What We Do?   ( 2007-08-02 )
The top three producer priorities are herd nutrition, pasture and range, followed by herd health.
BeefTalk: Now is the Time to Plan for Preconditioned Calves   ( 2007-07-26 )
The need to provide protection for calves, whether one weans them at home or sells them right off the cow, is a vital part of successful management.
Heat Stress a Problem, Even for Northern Plains Cattle   ( 2007-07-26 )
High heat can take its toll on cattle.
Water Essential for Cattle in High Heat   ( 2007-07-26 )
Water is vital to help cattle beat the heat.
BeefTalk: Roving Thoughts on a Hot Summer Day   ( 2007-07-19 )
For many of us, the status quo is not acceptable.
Livestock Producers Face Higher Feed Prices   ( 2007-07-19 )
An NDSU Extension beef specialist offers strategies to offset higher feed costs.
Trichomoniasis a Threat to Cattle   ( 2007-07-17 )
NDSU Extension veterinarian Charlie Stoltenow provides tips for North Dakota cattle producers to protect their herds from trichomoniasis.
BeefTalk: Beef Business Full of Joyful and Sorrowful Producers   ( 2007-07-12 )
The difference between those producers who were just getting by and those who were acquiring some level of wealth was more than $232 for every cow on the place.
Second Anthrax Case Warrants Vigilance   ( 2007-07-09 )
The NDSU Extension veterinarian is warning livestock producers to be on the lookout for anthrax.
BeefTalk: Back to the Fungus   ( 2007-07-03 )
It is through monitoring and evaluation of the plants that one really learns the guts of a grass operation.

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