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Prepare Drought-stressed Trees for Winter   ( 2012-09-20 )
Tree roots continue growing as long as the soil temperature is above 40 degrees.
Fall is Time to Plant Hardy Spring-flowering Bulbs   ( 2012-09-19 )
Fall in love with the look and then organize your favorites by their specific bloom times for early, mid or late spring.
Japanese Beetles Detected in N.D.   ( 2012-08-16 )
A single Japanese beetle recently was detected in Grand Forks and several beetles were found in a pheromone trap operated by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture in West Fargo.
NDSU Offers Tips on How Turfgrass Can Survive a Drought   ( 2012-07-26 )
Without regular irrigation cycles and uniform coverage, most lawns have turned brown.
Brown Needles Common on Conifers This Spring   ( 2012-04-23 )
While environmental damage, such as winter injury and last summer’s flooding, are likely causes, insect and disease issues also may be playing a part.
Grow a Garden Without Weeds   ( 2012-04-03 )
The very act of preparing a vegetable garden encourages weeds.
NDSU Offers Tips on Repairing Flooded Landscapes   ( 2012-03-21 )
It is a new year and spring is here, so it’s time to get landscapes back into shape.
Prairie Fare: Saving Money at the Grocery Store   ( 2011-09-29 )
We are paying about 5.4 percent more for food at the grocery store this year compared with last year.
Plant Garlic This Fall   ( 2011-09-07 )
Growing garlic in the upper Midwest requires a little different thinking.
NDSU Offers Tips on Repairing Flooded Lawns   ( 2011-08-05 )
Your lawn is one of the toughest, most adaptable components of a home landscape.
NDSU Working With Minnesota Guard Unit Headed to Afghanistan   ( 2011-06-29 )
The 12-person group from the 135th Agribusiness Development Team (ADT) is on the NDSU campus to learn more about agriculture before being sent to the Zabul province of Afghanistan.
Try Gardening for Health and Food   ( 2011-06-24 )
Our Founding Fathers were farmers and gardeners.
Get Ready for Spring Tree Planting   ( 2011-05-19 )
Start with good-quality planting stock.
Weather Pattern Conducive for Anthracnose Fungus on Shade Trees   ( 2011-05-03 )
This disfiguring disease can become severe when cool, wet spring weather persists just as the leaves are unfolding
Start Thinking About Planting Seeds for Your Garden   ( 2011-02-18 )
Some vegetables and flowers should be planted as early as 10 weeks in advance of permanent placing in a garden.
NDSU Extension Offers Rewarding Career Opportunities   ( 2010-12-15 )
The NDSU Extension Service is looking for job applicants with a desire to help others solve problems and improve their lives.
N.D. Gardeners Test Veggie, Flower Varieties   ( 2010-04-28 )
North Dakota gardeners help select varieties of vegetables and flowers that grow well in the state.
Williston REC Hosts All-America Selections Display Garden   ( 2010-04-09 )
The Williston REC has been designated an All-America Selections (AAS) Display Garden site.
Start Thinking About Planting Seeds for Your Garden   ( 2010-02-23 )
Many gardeners like to get a head start by planting their own seedlings indoors.
Rising Trend in Vegetable Gardening Expected to Continue   ( 2010-02-16 )
Consumers thinking about growing vegetables, herbs or flowers from seed should pay an early visit to their local retail garden centers and make their selections.

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