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NDSU County Extension Offices Make Moisture Meters Available   ( 2009-04-22 )
Make sure you dry out before rebuilding after a flood or you may have mold and other problems.
NDSU Offers Tips on Stored Grain Affected by Flooding   ( 2009-04-16 )
Time is of the essence in salvaging wet feed and grain.
Prairie Fare: Preparing Food During Power Outages   ( 2009-04-02 )
A steady source of nutrition is critical to power ourselves, especially when we are waging a battle with the forces of nature.
NDSU Offers Flood Salvage Tips   ( 2009-03-30 )
NDSU has information to help you clean or repair your flood-damaged home.
NDSU Can Help You Cope With Flooding   ( 2009-03-27 )
NDSU’s flood information Web page has information to help people prepare for flooding and deal with the late-winter storms.
Flooded Wells Need to be Cleaned   ( 2009-03-25 )
NDSU Extension water quality experts offer advice on cleaning flooded water wells.
Use Standby Generators for Emergency Power   ( 2009-03-24 )
Farmers and homeowners threatened with flooding should consider having a standby generator.
Planning an Important Flood-fighting Tool   ( 2009-03-20 )
Thinking ahead will help you know how to fight or escape from flooding.
Be Prepared for Flooding in Rural Areas   ( 2009-03-19 )
The NDSU Extension Service has information to help protect rural residents, livestock and crops from flooding.
NDSU Offers Sandbagging Expertise   ( 2009-03-13 )
Sandbag dikes need to be built the right way or they could fail.
Everyone Can Help Protect Water Supply   ( 2009-03-06 )
National Ground Water Awareness Week is a reminder that everyone can help protect the ground water supply.
Check Your Sump Pump Now   ( 2009-03-05 )
Now is the time to check whether your sump pump is working properly.
NDSU Offers Help to Cope With Flooding   ( 2009-02-26 )
NDSU’s flood information Web page has information to help people prepare for flooding and cope with the aftermath of a flood.
Prairie Fare: Save Energy in Your Kitchen   ( 2009-02-05 )
I did a little background research on the energy use of small appliances compared with full-sized appliances.
NDSU Web Site Offers Winter Weather Survival Tips   ( 2009-01-23 )
NDSU’s winter storm information Web site helps urban and rural people cope with winter weather.
Check Your Sewer Vents   ( 2009-01-15 )
Clogged vents can lead to sewer gas backup, which can cause illness.
Extension has Resources for Disaster Preparedness   ( 2008-09-18 )
The NDSU Extension Service can help you prepare for a disaster.
Dispose of Electronic Devices Properly   ( 2008-04-17 )
Many electronic devices contain hazardous material, so they should be disposed of properly.
Here’s What to Do If You Break a CFL   ( 2008-04-10 )
Know the right way to dispose of broken compact fluorescent bulbs.
Don’t Vent Dryer Into Home   ( 2008-02-07 )
Venting your clothes dryer into the house can cause mold and condensation problems.

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