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Roof Snow Removal Probably Not Necessary   ( 2011-01-06 )
NDSU offers advice on removing snow from roofs.
Prevent Ice Dams   ( 2010-12-15 )
Ice dams can cause structural damage and lead to mold growth in homes.
Pump Your Septic Tank Before Winter Hits   ( 2010-10-11 )
Now is the time to get your septic system ready for winter.
Precautions Can Prevent Frozen Septic Systems   ( 2010-09-22 )
Take steps now to prevent your septic system from freezing this winter.
Red Substance in Tub, Toilet is Bacteria   ( 2010-08-12 )
Bacteria cause the pink or red substance you may find in your toilet bowl, sink, bathtub or shower stall.
Cook Safely in Your Microwave Oven   ( 2010-04-15 )
Microwave ovens are present in 90 percent of households.
NDSU Can Help Cope With Flooding   ( 2010-03-17 )
NDSU offers practical, research-based information to help deal with flooding and its aftermath.
Check Your Sump Pump Now   ( 2010-03-11 )
Making sure your sump pump works now can prevent problems later.
Plug Drains to Keep Sewage Backup Out   ( 2010-03-10 )
Plugging drains helps prevent sewage backup.
N.D. Needs Precipitation Measurers   ( 2010-03-08 )
A nationwide rain and snow reporting network is looking for volunteers in North Dakota.
Reduce Snowmelt Problems Now   ( 2010-03-03 )
Prevent snowmelt problems now to avoid damage to homes later.
NDSU Offers Information on Coping With Flooding   ( 2010-02-25 )
NDSU’s flood information Web site offers practical, up-to-date information.
Check Your Well Cap   ( 2010-02-19 )
National Ground Water Awareness Week is a good time to test your well cap.
Roofs Should Hold Normal Snow Load   ( 2010-02-11 )
Don’t be too hasty when deciding to shovel snow off your roof.
Check Your Sewer Vents   ( 2010-01-05 )
Don’t let a blocked sewer vent make you sick.
CFL Bulb Benefits Outweigh Risks   ( 2009-08-27 )
Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain some mercury, but they are safe to use.
Remove Mold for a Healthy Home or Other Building   ( 2009-06-11 )
Mold needs to be removed, not just killed.
Use Helmets When Taking Shelter From Tornados   ( 2009-05-08 )
A helmet can provide protection in a tornado.
Is It Mold or Isn’t It?   ( 2009-05-06 )
The growth you could find in damp basements may not be mold; it could be mineral deposits.
Prairie Fare: Kids Need to Play Hard but Safely   ( 2009-04-23 )
Now is the time to begin checking both backyard and community playground equipment.

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