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Prairie Fare: Beware of Weight-loss Promises   ( 2014-12-31 )
Obviously, diet products are big business, especially since two out of three people are overweight.
Prairie Fare: Be Sure Turkey Time Inspires Memories, Not Nightmares   ( 2014-11-13 )
Regardless of how you decide to prepare your bird, ensure a successful and safe turkey dinner by taking some precautions.
Prairie Fare: Hand Washing Really Does Cut Illness Rates   ( 2014-10-30 )
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention refers to hand washing as the single most important means of preventing the spread of disease.
Prairie Fare: Feeling Guilty About Throwing Food   ( 2014-10-02 )
According to a 2014 report from U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, about 31 percent of the 430 billion pounds of food available is lost annually.
Prairie Fare: Prolific Zucchini Has Many Uses   ( 2014-07-31 )
A 1/2-cup serving has about 15 calories, plus it contributes some fiber, vitamin C, potassium, B vitamins and beta carotene to the diet.
Prairie Fare: Say Goodbye to Old Cutting Boards   ( 2014-07-24 )
Cleaning your cutting boards thoroughly and replacing them when necessary is a way to maintain food safety in your home.
Prairie Fare: Pickled Green Beans Inspire Canning Intentions   ( 2014-07-03 )
When selecting fresh green beans, look for beans that are deep green and straight, and snap easily.
Prairie Fare: Botulism Not Only Linked to Home-canned Foods   ( 2014-06-26 )
We usually associate foodborne botulism with foods improperly canned at home, but other foods also have been implicated.
Prairie Fare: Remember These Safety Tips When Grilling   ( 2014-06-19 )
Have a healthy respect for grills.
Prairie Fare: Freeze in the Heat of Summer   ( 2014-06-12 )
Do you know how to do the butcher wrap, drugstore wrap and the casserole wrap?
Prairie Fare: How Do You Define These Food and Agriculture Terms?   ( 2014-05-22 )
As a late-night comedian famously showed with his “person on the street” interviews, people do not necessarily know what “gluten” is.
NDSU Extension: 100 Years of Extending Knowledge, Changing Lives   ( 2014-05-05 )
NDSU Extension is celebrating its 100th anniversary with events on campus May 8 and at county offices this spring.
Prairie Fare: Be Aware of Food Safety in Restaurants and at Home   ( 2014-05-01 )
The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently studied “solved” foodborne illness outbreaks in the U.S. The center reported 28,000 people were sickened in 1,610 restaurant-related outbreaks during a 10-year period, compared with 13,000 people sickened in 893 outbreaks at home.
Prairie Fare: Savor the Taste of Umami   ( 2014-04-24 )
If you combine foods containing the umami compounds, the resulting flavor is more intense than the food’s flavor by itself.
Prairie Fare: “Microwave It” Guide Teaches Safe Food Handling and Provides Recipes   ( 2014-04-17 )
Today, most households have a microwave oven and use it nearly every day.
NDSU Extension Service: Addressing Family and Consumer Needs   ( 2014-03-24 )
Extension provides North Dakotans with the knowledge and skills they need to improve their health, nutrition and quality of life.
Prairie Fare: Frozen Foods Have Inspired Menus for More Than 80 Years   ( 2014-02-13 )
Because the canned food industry was short on packaging and processing supplies during World War II, the frozen foods industry took great strides.
Prairie Fare: Are Your Cupboards Fodder for a Reality Show?   ( 2014-01-30 )
Some food packages say ‘use by’ and other foods say ‘sell by.’
Spotlight on Economics: Emerging Food Risks and Mitigation Challenges   ( 2014-01-15 )
Only by achieving an accurate assessment and reduction of total risks can supply chain managers make informed decisions that lead to the least costly, most effective control of food risks.
Prairie Fare: Today’s Pressure Cookers Are Not Like Grandma’s   ( 2014-01-09 )
Some people use the words “pressure cooker” and “pressure canner” interchangeably, but pressure cookers and pressure canners are two different devices.

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