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Prairie Fare: Buffet Food Order Affects Your Food Choices   ( 2013-11-21 )
Try putting large trays of veggies and fruits first, and place the higher-fat, higher-calorie foods farther down the buffet line.
Prairie Fare: Know Your Slow Cooker   ( 2013-11-07 )
The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently updated its slow cooker tips.
Prairie Fare: Squash Soup Warms an Autumn Evening   ( 2013-10-31 )
When you mix nutrient-rich, orange-fleshed squash with chicken broth, sautéed onions and spices, you have a hardy, delicious autumn soup that fills your home with a delicious aroma.
Prairie Fare: Canned Food Gets Thumbs Up for Cost, Nutrition and Convenience   ( 2013-10-24 )
As we move toward colder weather and many of our favorite fresh fruits and vegetables become more expensive, you might stretch your budget by visiting the frozen foods aisle and the canned foods aisle more often.
NDSU Researchers Find Bad Bacteria Reducer   ( 2013-10-01 )
A mood enhancement substance may help fight dangerous bacteria.
Prairie Fare: Just One Lick of Batter Could Make You Sick   ( 2013-09-19 )
Cookie dough and cake batter usually contain raw eggs, which may be contaminated with salmonella.
Prairie Fare: Use Safe Containers for Canning, Preparing Foods   ( 2013-09-05 )
Containers that are “food grade” must meet higher standards for sanitation and safety.
Prairie Fare: Try Protein-rich Quinoa on Your Menu   ( 2013-08-29 )
Often called the “mother grain,” quinoa has been used for food for at least 5,000 years.
Prairie Fare: Be Appreciative of Your Modern-day Appliances, Including Microwave Ovens   ( 2013-08-22 )
At one time, cooking temperatures were determined by the amount of time you could hold your hand in the oven.
Prairie Fare: Historical Canning Recipes Not Necessarily Safe   ( 2013-08-01 )
Recommendations change as scientists learn more about what is safe and what isn’t.
Prairie Fare: Try These Bountiful Onion Tips   ( 2013-07-11 )
Onions are among the most popular vegetables, contributing flavor, vitamin C, fiber and health-promoting natural antioxidants to your recipes.
Prairie Fare: Consider These Fresh-squeezed Facts About Juice   ( 2013-07-03 )
If you have children or grandchildren, you might be especially interested in the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations.
Prairie Fare: Edible Flowers Add Beauty to the Menu   ( 2013-06-27 )
If you want to add flowers to your home menu, you might want to try growing some specifically for this purpose.
Prairie Fare: Spilling the Beans About Snap Beans   ( 2013-06-20 )
Snap beans can be an important part of a healthy diet for several reasons.
Prairie Fare: Pack Up for a Picnic   ( 2013-05-23 )
Picnic menus can consist of almost anything from gourmet box lunches picked up at a restaurant to peanut butter sandwiches to burgers prepared on a portable grill.
Prairie Fare: Son’s Graduation Prompts Food for Thought   ( 2013-05-09 )
Do you need to keep food hot or cold for a while before you serve the food? How will you do that? Do you have the right equipment?
Prairie Fare: Food Additives Serve Unique Purposes   ( 2013-04-25 )
Food additives have been regulated for more than 100 years, dating back to the Food and Drug Act in 1906.
Prairie Fare: Freezer Meals Take the Heat Off Daily Cooking   ( 2013-04-18 )
If we are “cooped up” in our homes by ongoing snow, sleet or rain, we could use some of the time indoors to prepare meals ahead of time.
Prairie Fare: Clean As You Go in Your Kitchen   ( 2013-01-10 )
Bacteria, including salmonella and E. coli, easily can spread from meat to other surfaces such as cutting boards, your hands, utensils and plates. Cross-contamination is a leading cause of foodborne illness.
Prairie Fare: Your Freezer Questions Answered   ( 2012-12-27 )
Keep an appliance thermometer in your freezer and check it periodically.

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