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Prairie Fare: Give Broccoli a Chance   ( 2008-09-18 )
Broccoli is a nutrition-packed, colorful addition to our plates.
NDSU to Hold Food Safety Certification Course   ( 2008-09-04 )
Learning proper food safety precautions can help prevent a foodborne illness outbreak.
Prairie Fare: Take a Step Back in Baking History   ( 2008-08-28 )
Baking in earlier times was probably more art than science.
Prairie Fare: Ignore Old Food Preservation Recipes   ( 2008-08-14 )
Great-grandma’s canning recipes published in the 1970 church cookbook probably do not stand up to current recommendations.
Prairie Fare: Freezer Meltdown May Prompt Cooking Spree   ( 2008-06-19 )
I thought about the advice I had given through the years when people had power outages.
Prairie Fare: Latest Outbreak Puts Spotlight on Tomatoes   ( 2008-06-12 )
Food Safety Vital When Serving Large Groups   ( 2008-05-08 )
Don’t let a foodborne illness ruin your family gathering.
Prairie Fare: Seek Nutrition Information from Qualified Sources   ( 2008-05-01 )
Consider the source of your nutrition information.
Prairie Fare: Prepare Food Safely for Upcoming Celebrations   ( 2008-04-24 )
With approaching graduations, weddings and other celebrations, cooking tasty and safe meals for groups is on a lot of minds.
Prairie Fare: Spring Clean Your Way to a Safer Kitchen   ( 2008-03-13 )
Even though spring brings us warmer outdoor temperatures, we need cold storage temperatures in our kitchens.
Prairie Fare: Be Prepared for Disastrous Situations   ( 2008-02-21 )
Our basement storeroom and pantry were wading ponds.
Prairie Fare: Consider Holiday Gifts That Promote Health and Safety   ( 2007-11-29 )
As I shopped, I thought of several possibilities for health and safety-promoting gifts that won’t break your budget.
Prairie Fare: Handle Chicken Carefully   ( 2007-11-21 )
While there are many safeguards in place in the food industry, consumers share the responsibility for food safety.
Prairie Fare: Turkey Leftovers Make Welcome Meals   ( 2007-11-15 )
Americans eat about 17 pounds of turkey a year per person.
Prairie Fare: Take a Walk on the Wild Side of the Menu   ( 2007-11-08 )
Game meats are excellent sources of protein and similar in composition to domestic animal meat.
Prairie Fare: Workplace Phones and Desks are Germy Spots   ( 2007-10-04 )
We can take steps to stay healthy by keeping our work environments a little cleaner.
Prairie Fare: Fall is Prime Time for Apples   ( 2007-09-20 )
The type of fiber apples contain, called pectin, has been linked with lowering blood cholesterol and potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.
Prairie Fare: Focus on Food Handling During National Food Safety Education Month   ( 2007-09-13 )
Hair in food certainly grabs the attention of guests.
NDSU School of Food Systems Director Appointed   ( 2007-08-14 )
Deland J. Myers has been appointed director of the new School of Food Systems in North Dakota State University’s College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources.
Prairie Fare: Recent Canned Food Recalls Put Focus on Botulism Risk   ( 2007-08-09 )
This has been the summer of botulism outbreaks.

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