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Prairie Fare: Latest Outbreak Puts Spotlight on Tomatoes   ( 2008-06-12 )
Prairie Fare: Nutritious Foods and Supplements Promote Health   ( 2008-06-05 )
I look at vitamin-mineral supplements as a bit of inexpensive nutrition insurance, but I never consider them a replacement for a variety of nutrient-rich foods.
Prairie Fare: Nourish Your Bones   ( 2008-05-29 )
Our bodies are like buildings in some ways.
Prairie Fare: Homegrown Produce Encourages Kids to Eat Their Veggies   ( 2008-05-22 )
Research shows that children are more likely to eat their fruits and vegetables if they’re homegrown.
Prairie Fare: Have Your Blood Pressure Checked   ( 2008-05-15 )
High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney disease and eye damage that could lead to blindness.
Prairie Fare: Men’s Replies to Nutrition and Health Survey Sometimes Surprising   ( 2008-05-08 )
The health issues for men of greatest concern were cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, prostate health, overweight and joint/bone health.
Prairie Fare: Seek Nutrition Information from Qualified Sources   ( 2008-05-01 )
Consider the source of your nutrition information.
Prairie Fare: Prepare Food Safely for Upcoming Celebrations   ( 2008-04-24 )
With approaching graduations, weddings and other celebrations, cooking tasty and safe meals for groups is on a lot of minds.
Prairie Fare: Walking Adds Healthy Years to Your Life   ( 2008-04-17 )
People who get regular, moderate activity, such as walking 30 minutes a day, may live 1.3 years longer than those with a very low level of physical activity.
Prairie Fare: Tame Your Grocery Bill   ( 2008-04-10 )
The increase in grocery prices has prompted consumers to seek out inexpensive recipes.
Prairie Fare: Grow Herbs All Year   ( 2008-04-03 )
Herbs add flavor without adding fat or sodium to your favorite dishes.
Prairie Fare: Be Patient with Picky Eaters   ( 2008-03-20 )
Families play an important role when it comes to food and eating.
Prairie Fare: Spring Clean Your Way to a Safer Kitchen   ( 2008-03-13 )
Even though spring brings us warmer outdoor temperatures, we need cold storage temperatures in our kitchens.
Prairie Fare: Snooze Your Way to a Slimmer Waistline   ( 2008-03-06 )
Research has shown that getting enough sleep is one of the keys to managing appetite.
Prairie Fare: Spring Toward Better Health   ( 2008-02-28 )
With spring just around the corner, we’re inundated with advertisements for weight loss supplements and programs.
Prairie Fare: Be Prepared for Disastrous Situations   ( 2008-02-21 )
Our basement storeroom and pantry were wading ponds.
Prairie Fare: Pay Attention to Food Labels During American Heart Month   ( 2008-02-07 )
If you are interested in health, all the information you need to make wise choices is on the food label.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy Comforting, Heart-healthy Oatmeal   ( 2008-01-31 )
The foods that are considered “comfort foods” vary from person to person and from one region of the country to another.
Prairie Fare: Nourish Your Skin During Cold Weather   ( 2008-01-17 )
Cold weather actually may increase our risk of dehydration.
Prairie Fare: Turn Up the Volume on Food in the New Year   ( 2007-12-21 )
Any time people are excited about eating vegetables, especially orange vegetables, I’m all in favor.

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