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Prairie Fare: What is a Healthful Diet, Anyway?   ( 2018-09-06 )
Try to meet the recommendations for fruits and vegetables, the food groups most often lacking in the diets of adults and children.
Prairie Fare: 6 Steps to Making a Salad in a Jar   ( 2018-04-19 )
Filling a quart jar with a variety of veggies, fruits, protein and grains can provide you with a balanced meal.
Prairie Fare: Be Creative With Zucchini   ( 2017-07-27 )
You can make a lot of different menu items with zucchini.
Prairie Fare: 10 Mini-fridge Makeover Tips for College or at Home   ( 2016-08-18 )
We all can benefit from stocking our refrigerators with healthful snacks.
Prairie Fare: Try These 4 Tips for Healthful Spring Celebrations   ( 2016-04-21 )
Make sure to include food from at least three food groups in your celebrations.
Prairie Fare: Honey, You Shrank the Fruit   ( 2015-10-29 )
Dehydration has been a method of preserving food since early in history.
Prairie Fare: Trick or Treat Season Calls for Moderation   ( 2015-10-22 )
Candy and other sweetened treats usually provide calories without significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
Prairie Fare: Who Needs Strength Training?   ( 2015-05-21 )
Strengthening our muscles, we can reduce body fat and maintain or potentially reduce our blood pressure.
Prairie Fare: Where Do You Get Your Recipes?   ( 2015-02-26 )
Half of the people who responded to a national phone survey said they use social media, such as Facebook, to learn about food.
Prairie Fare: DASH Diet Recognized for Lowering Blood Pressure   ( 2015-02-05 )
In many ways, the diet is very similar to the “MyPlate” recommendations.
Prairie Fare: Save Some Bread With These Tips   ( 2015-01-22 )
At some point in our lives, most of us have found a colorful, fuzzy surprise when we opened a bread bag.
Prairie Fare: Remember These Safety Tips When Grilling   ( 2014-06-19 )
Have a healthy respect for grills.
Prairie Fare: How Do You Define These Food and Agriculture Terms?   ( 2014-05-22 )
As a late-night comedian famously showed with his “person on the street” interviews, people do not necessarily know what “gluten” is.
Prairie Fare: Flight Offers a Lesson in Mindful Eating   ( 2014-03-20 )
Although the food wasn’t freshly made, I enjoyed the contrasting textures and flavors.
Prairie Fare: Take Your Palate on a Worldwide Adventure at Home   ( 2014-01-02 )
With an adventuresome and healthful approach to cooking, we can take our plates and our palates on a journey around the world without leaving home.
Prairie Fare: Go Nutty for Nuts This Holiday Season   ( 2013-11-27 )
Researchers have linked eating nuts on a near-daily basis with living longer.
Prairie Fare: Vision and Nutrition Sometimes Are Connected   ( 2012-09-27 )
If you or someone you know is experiencing issues with low vision, consider some ways to help yourself or that person with food preparation.
Prairie Fare: Santa Gets Some Diet Advice   ( 2009-12-17 )
Sometimes staying motivated to eat healthfully is hard with all the temptations of the holiday season.
Prairie Fare: Leftovers Belong in the Fridge   ( 2009-09-17 )
While we might think that boiling food will destroy anything that could make us sick, that isn’t the case.
Prairie Fare: Nourish Your Body and Brain With Breakfast   ( 2009-08-27 )

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