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Prairie Fare: Exercise and Nourish Your Joints This Summer   ( 2012-05-24 )
Unfortunately, many people face chronic pain and stiffness due to joint issues.
Prairie Fare: Have You Enjoyed Any Anthocyanins Lately?   ( 2017-06-29 )
Anthocyanins are the pigments responsible for the color in many flowers, fruits and vegetables.
Prairie Fare: Try These Winning Fruit and Veggie Tips   ( 2008-06-26 )
Many people fall short of the current fruit and vegetable recommendations, despite the role these colorful foods play in helping prevent cancer and heart disease.
Prairie Fare: Be the Grill Master This Spring   ( 2015-03-26 )
Our spring season beckons us to enjoy dining and cooking outdoors.
Prairie Fare: Try an Unusual Fruit This Season   ( 2016-11-23 )
Be adventurous with the food you buy.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy More Apples This Season   ( 2017-09-21 )
Apples are tasty snacks and good for your health.
Prairie Fare: September is National Family Meals Month   ( 2017-09-14 )
Children who eat with their families tend to do better in school, eat more nutritiously and avoid risky behaviors.
Prairie Fare: Be Aware of Food Safety in Restaurants and at Home   ( 2014-05-01 )
The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently studied “solved” foodborne illness outbreaks in the U.S. The center reported 28,000 people were sickened in 1,610 restaurant-related outbreaks during a 10-year period, compared with 13,000 people sickened in 893 outbreaks at home.
Prairie Fare: Flight Offers a Lesson in Mindful Eating   ( 2014-03-20 )
Although the food wasn’t freshly made, I enjoyed the contrasting textures and flavors.
Prairie Fare: Spring Toward Flavor During March, National Nutrition Month   ( 2014-03-13 )
We have 10,000 taste buds, so let’s use them this spring as we explore new flavors and cooking techniques.
Prairie Fare: Canned Food Gets Thumbs Up for Cost, Nutrition and Convenience   ( 2013-10-24 )
As we move toward colder weather and many of our favorite fresh fruits and vegetables become more expensive, you might stretch your budget by visiting the frozen foods aisle and the canned foods aisle more often.
Prairie Fare: Zucchini Has Many Roles on the Menu   ( 2013-10-03 )
Zucchini is low in calories and a good source of vitamin C, with no fat or sodium unless you add it.
Prairie Fare: Stressed-out Days Can Affect Nutrition and Health   ( 2014-09-18 )
Stress can affect your ability to concentrate, leave you feeling sad, reduce your energy level and cause sleep issues, as well as many other symptoms.
Prairie Fare: Preserve the Fruits of the Season Safely   ( 2015-08-06 )
Food canning isn’t the time to get creative with recipes.
Prairie Fare: Try a Fruit With Appeal   ( 2015-05-14 )
Bananas have been a popular fruit for thousands of years. In early times, bananas were held in such high esteem they became known as the "fruit of the wise man" and "fruit of paradise."
Prairie Fare: Enjoy a North Dakota Road Trip   ( 2007-06-21 )
Head into the great backyard of North Dakota this summer to view the wildlife, the lush green pastures, and colorful badlands.
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare Celebrates 20 Years   ( 2017-10-19 )
The column has covered topics from apples to zucchini and everything in between.
Healthful, Inexpensive Meals at Home a Reality   ( 2011-10-05 )
Checking grocery store ads, planning menus, making a grocery list and using coupons are ways to serve nutritious, inexpensive meals.
Prairie Fare: Can Rhubarb Become Toxic?   ( 2015-05-28 )
According to a widely circulated Facebook post launched in another state, rhubarb could become toxic (poisonous) after a frost. Could that be true?
Prairie Fare: How About Some Apple Nachos?   ( 2016-10-06 )
Apples are a good source of fiber and vitamin C.

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