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Prairie Fare: Ponder the Lore of the Fruit of the Season   ( 2007-06-06 )
Since ancient times, strawberries have been promoted for their healing properties.
Prairie Fare: Right-size Your Portions   ( 2008-12-11 )
Does the size of the plate make a difference in how much food people eat?
Prairie Fare: Plan and Shop for Good Nutrition   ( 2008-11-06 )
When your job is to help people recognize healthy food selections and handle them safely, you feel compelled to follow your own advice.
Prairie Fare: Give Broccoli a Chance   ( 2008-09-18 )
Broccoli is a nutrition-packed, colorful addition to our plates.
Prairie Fare: Don’t Forget to Eat Some Blueberries   ( 2008-07-24 )
A U.S. Department of Agriculture study showed that aging rats fed antioxidant-rich blueberry, strawberry or spinach extracts showed improvement in short-term memory.
Prairie Fare: Try Using Smaller Plates and Spoons   ( 2009-10-08 )
Try using smaller plates and smaller serving spoons to help people serve themselves more moderate-sized portions.
Prairie Fare: Do You Need to Perk Up the Iron in Your Diet?   ( 2009-05-28 )
Iron deficiency anemia is a common nutritional deficiency worldwide, especially among children.
Prairie Fare: Unusual Containers for Preparing Food Not Always Safe   ( 2009-05-07 )
Containers that are “food grade” must meet higher standards for sanitation and safety.
Prairie Fare: Trick or Treat Season Calls for Moderation   ( 2015-10-22 )
Candy and other sweetened treats usually provide calories without significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
Prairie Fare: July is National Picnic Month   ( 2015-07-02 )
Be sure to protect your food from visible and invisible unwanted guests.
Prairie Fare: Colorful Berries Offer Bountiful Health Benefits   ( 2009-07-02 )
Prairie Fare: Enjoy Some Ice Cream During National Dairy Month   ( 2009-06-18 )
Frozen desserts have been popular since someone created a snow-conelike dessert in the second century B.C.
Prairie Fare: Dumplings Bind Generations to Each Other   ( 2011-09-01 )
By definition, dumplings are small masses of dough that might be filled with meat, vegetables or fruit.
Nutrition Messages Stay the Same   ( 2011-06-03 )
MyPlate replaces the MyPyramid nutrition recommendations icon.

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