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Prairie Fare: Simmering Soup Stirs the Senses   ( 2010-02-11 )
Not only does soup comfort us during long, cold winters, but having soup more often also can be good for our waistlines and can improve our nutrition.
Prairie Fare: Be Careful Not to Emulate All Cooking Show Behaviors   ( 2010-01-21 )
Are cooking games and cooking shows really teaching people about food or are they just entertainment?
Prairie Fare: Avoid Vitamin D Shortfalls This Winter   ( 2010-01-14 )
Vitamin D currently is a nutrient of great interest in the nutrition field.
Prairie Fare: Don’t Fill Your Food Bowl So Full   ( 2010-01-07 )
Prairie Fare: Chewing Gum May Help With Stress and Appetite Management   ( 2009-12-23 )
Researchers continue to show that enjoying a stick of gum has some potential health benefits, along with promoting fresher breath.
Prairie Fare: Santa Gets Some Diet Advice   ( 2009-12-17 )
Sometimes staying motivated to eat healthfully is hard with all the temptations of the holiday season.
Prairie Fare: Chicken Soup Good for Colds   ( 2009-12-10 )
According to a study, chicken soup can help clear mucus from nasal passages and relieve congestion better than other hot liquids.
Prairie Fare: Tame the Holiday Treats Behind Most Doors   ( 2009-11-05 )
The good news is that “discretionary calories,” such as sweet treats, can fit in an overall healthy diet.
Prairie Fare: Does Eating Comfort Food Reduce Your Stress?   ( 2009-10-15 )
A study surprised researchers by predicting that people may not always gravitate toward familiar foods during times of stress.
Prairie Fare: Try Using Smaller Plates and Spoons   ( 2009-10-08 )
Try using smaller plates and smaller serving spoons to help people serve themselves more moderate-sized portions.
Prairie Fare: Snacking Can Fill Nutrition Gaps   ( 2009-10-01 )
Regardless of your age, enjoying some healthy snacks helps keep your energy up and makes you less likely to overeat later.
Prairie Fare: Tune Up Your Body With Premium Fuel and Regular Test Drives   ( 2009-09-03 )
Just like our vehicles, we need to do a little maintenance on our bodies, too.
Prairie Fare: Preserve Summer’s Bounty Safely   ( 2009-08-13 )
After all the weeding, watering and activity associated with growing a garden, why risk producing unsafe canned food?
Prairie Fare: Dirty Money Prompts Need to Wash Hands   ( 2009-07-23 )
Touching money and then eating a sandwich with unwashed hands is kind of like putting money in your mouth.
Prairie Fare: Plan Ahead for Calorie Splurges at Fairs   ( 2009-07-09 )
We’re in the prime season for food-inspired guilt.
Prairie Fare: Colorful Berries Offer Bountiful Health Benefits   ( 2009-07-02 )
Prairie Fare: Enjoy Some Ice Cream During National Dairy Month   ( 2009-06-18 )
Frozen desserts have been popular since someone created a snow-conelike dessert in the second century B.C.
Prairie Fare: Do You Need to Perk Up the Iron in Your Diet?   ( 2009-05-28 )
Iron deficiency anemia is a common nutritional deficiency worldwide, especially among children.
Prairie Fare: Sneak Some Nutrition into Your Diet   ( 2009-03-12 )
Sneaking vegetables into a child’s diet has been questioned by some parenting and child feeding experts.
Prairie Fare: Shape Up for Spring with Exergames   ( 2009-03-04 )
Soon I was standing on the Wii balance board being weighed and having my balance and strength tested.

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