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Prairie Fare: Snacking Can Fill Nutrition Gaps   ( 2012-10-18 )
Regardless of your age, enjoying some healthy snacks helps keep your energy up and makes you less likely to overeat later.
Prairie Fare: Apples Promote Good Health   ( 2012-10-11 )
Apples are a nutritional bargain.
Prairie Fare: Yogurt Provides Your Diet With Good Bacteria   ( 2012-09-20 )
Along with calcium, yogurt is an excellent source of potassium, which plays a role in controlling blood pressure. Some yogurt also is fortified with vitamin D, which helps build bones and may help protect us from a range of chronic diseases.
Prairie Fare: I Scream for Ice Cream   ( 2012-07-26 )
What is the most popular flavor of ice cream?
Prairie Fare: Don’t Let Visible and Invisible “Bugs” Spoil Your Picnic Fun   ( 2012-07-12 )
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, foodborne illness cases peak during the summer months.
Enjoy Milk Breaks During June, National Dairy Month   ( 2012-05-31 )
Children and adults benefit from the protein, vitamins and minerals found in milk and other dairy products
Prairie Fare: Exercise and Nourish Your Joints This Summer   ( 2012-05-24 )
Unfortunately, many people face chronic pain and stiffness due to joint issues.
Prairie Fare: Make Memories With Family-favorite Recipes   ( 2012-03-29 )
Regardless of your age, you can make memories during food preparation with your family and friends.
Prairie Fare: Are Picky Eaters Born or Made?   ( 2012-02-16 )
We may be born with certain aversions to foods.
Prairie Fare: Soy Foods Offer Variety and Nutrition   ( 2011-10-13 )
Are you familiar with edamame, natto or tempeh?
Prairie Fare: Spice Up Your Menus With Hot Chili Peppers   ( 2011-10-06 )
Capsaicin is the name of the chemical substance that gives the “heat” to peppers.
Prairie Fare: Making Fruit Leather Is a Fun Family Activity   ( 2011-07-14 )
Food dehydration became one of the earliest forms of food preservation.
Prairie Fare: Kitchens Offer a Summer Learning Lab for Kids   ( 2011-05-26 )
As children read recipes and measure ingredients, they are sharpening their reading, vocabulary and math skills.
Prairie Fare: Try the Stairs More Often   ( 2011-03-17 )
Prairie Fare: Old Cookbook Offers Interesting, Not Always Accurate, Advice   ( 2011-02-10 )
As with home remedies, nutrition recommendations change regularly as scientific knowledge moves forward.
Prairie Fare: Weather Influences TV Viewing and Potentially, Our Health   ( 2010-11-24 )
Researchers in the United States and Europe have noted seasonal and weather variations in TV viewing.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy the Science of Baking This Season   ( 2010-11-18 )
A kitchen can be a learning laboratory for math and science.
Prairie Fare: Pretzel’s History Is a Bit Twisted   ( 2010-09-09 )
Prairie Fair: Leafy Garden Greens Add Nutrition to Your Menu   ( 2010-07-15 )
Prairie Fare: Simmering Soup Stirs the Senses   ( 2010-02-11 )
Not only does soup comfort us during long, cold winters, but having soup more often also can be good for our waistlines and can improve our nutrition.

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