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N.D.’s CalfAID Program to Continue   ( 2008-03-06 )
CalfAID, a North Dakota-based program to verify the age and source of beef cattle, will continue.
NDSU Assists With Price and Yield Risk Management Decisions   ( 2008-03-04 )
Although the revenue outlook at this time looks good on paper, no one knows what yields or market prices will be at harvest time.
NDSU Economists: Farm Prices to Remain Strong, But Costs Rising   ( 2008-02-21 )
While farm gross revenues are increasing rapidly, rising farm expenses are not far behind.
Check for Storage Molds in Feed Grains and Hay   ( 2009-04-23 )
The safest recommendation is not to use mycotoxin-contaminated or moldy feed and hay.
NDSU Offers Program to Analyze ACRE Signup Decision   ( 2009-04-22 )
When a producer enrolls in ACRE, there is the opportunity to receive payments on crops if certain criteria are met.
NDSU Offers Tips on Stored Grain Affected by Flooding   ( 2009-04-16 )
Time is of the essence in salvaging wet feed and grain.
Check Stored Grain Moisture Content   ( 2009-04-16 )
Stored wet grain will deteriorate rapidly at warmer temperatures.
North Dakota Cropland Values Show Another Strong Year   ( 2009-04-09 )
Factors hinge, in some form, on the world economy and weather, which are not easy to predict.
Bad Weather Brings Scours   ( 2009-04-03 )
NDSU’s Extension veterinarian offers advice to help cattle producers reduce the risk of scours and other problems.
How to Manage Winter Feeding Areas   ( 2009-03-05 )
By reducing the intensity of the cattle in one area, producers can mitigate problems.
NDSU Offers Wind Turbine Lease Publication   ( 2009-03-05 )
Contract specifications, including lease payment structure and liability issues, are outlined in the publication.
21st Annual Aldrich C. Bloomquist Lectureship Set for March 27   ( 2013-03-01 )
Featured speaker is Bill York, chief executive officer of AgriBank.
Agricultural Producers Have More Time to File Tax Returns   ( 2013-02-06 )
Because of the recent enactment of the American Taxpayer Relief Act, the IRS has to have time to test their software and design forms, so they have given producers more time to file.
Calculate SURE Farm Payments for 2011   ( 2012-02-21 )
The NDSU SURE program calculator is applicable to nearly all farm situations.
Communications Expert Headlines Farm Managers Meeting   ( 2012-01-24 )
The featured speaker is Jolene Brown who is a farmer, author and award-winning communicator.
NDSU Sets Crop Insurance Conference for Jan. 16   ( 2011-12-22 )
Dairy Focus: Help Relieve Cows’ Heat Stress   ( 2012-06-19 )
Heat stress can reduce milk and fat yield and increase health and fertility problems.
Spotlight on Economics: Issues and Challenges of the 2012 Farm Bill   ( 2012-04-25 )
Economic conditions under which the 2012 farm bill is being discussed are different from previous farm bills.
Composting May be Best Livestock Carcass Disposal Method   ( 2009-04-17 )
NDSU provides the dos and don’ts of livestock carcass disposal.
BeefTalk: The Tag Takes a Team   ( 2009-04-16 )
It takes a team and everyone on that team must be on the same page.

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