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Don’t Get Caught in Grain   ( 2009-01-09 )
An NDSU Extension engineer offers advice on how to avoid getting trapped in grain and rescue someone who is trapped.
BeefTalk: Really, Tell Me More!   ( 2008-12-11 )
Our knowledge base is expanding exponentially and our ability to utilize the new knowledge is more demanding.
Agricultural Producers Should Do Year-end Income Tax Planning   ( 2008-12-11 )
Producers should do tax planning before the end of the year.
Market Advisor: Cattle, Corn and the Credit Crunch   ( 2008-11-26 )
Even though cattle prices have fallen, the profit potential for backgrounding or feeding calves to market weight, may be better now because it is the margin and not the price level that is important in determining profitability.
Delayed Corn Harvest Poses Risks   ( 2008-11-20 )
Since much of the corn is above the moisture content for safe storage, many farmers are hoping for additional field drying before they harvest.
NDSU Offers Tax Program on Nov. 25   ( 2008-10-30 )
Experts will provide tax updates and discuss tax provisions of the farm bill.
Grant Program Seeks Innovative Ideas for Farm, Ranch   ( 2008-09-04 )
Individual operators, including youth, may apply for up to $6,000 for a two-year project grant and groups of three or more can apply for up to $18,000.
Producers Qualify for 2008 Livestock Forage Program   ( 2008-09-04 )
Some livestock producers are eligible to receive disaster assistance payments.
NDSU Starts Tile Drainage Research Project   ( 2008-08-21 )
Tile drainage can help establish more optimum conditions for field operations and crop growth by lowering the water table in poorly draining soils.
Row-crop Field Tour Set at NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center for Sept. 2   ( 2008-08-14 )
Plan to attend a row-crop field tour scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 2, at the NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center.
2008 Farm Bill Offers Ag Disaster Assistance   ( 2008-07-31 )
A significant new provision of the 2008 farm bill is the agricultural disaster relief trust fund and supplemental agricultural disaster assistance program.
Save Money With Farmstead Energy Audit   ( 2008-07-24 )
A new NDSU publication can help farmers and ranchers make their homes and operations more energy efficient.
Income Tax Management for Agricultural Producers Program Is Dec. 2   ( 2009-11-03 )
Records Indicate Increased Spending by N.D. Farm Households in 2006   ( 2007-06-14 )
During the past 10 years, average farm family living expenses have increased from $30,519 in 1997 to $47,031 in 2006.
NDSU Analyzer Helps With Prevented-planting Decision   ( 2018-05-29 )
NDSU Extension has developed a spreadsheet to help farmers make informed prevented-planting decisions.
N.D. Net Farm Income Drops 30 Percent   ( 2018-05-22 )
The 2017 analysis consisted of 457 farms throughout North Dakota.
NDSU Publication Provides 10 Year Summary of N.D. Farm Financial Performance   ( 2016-09-12 )
The publication uses 16 financial measures to look at relationships between financial performance and farm characteristics.
NDSU Using Sensors to Identify Weed Infestations   ( 2015-07-22 )
The project will identify which weeds are infesting specific crops, which parts of fields the weeds are infesting and the degree of the weed problem.
More Dollars Flowing into N. D. Agricultural Economy   ( 2009-07-09 )
Debt has increased, but the solvency or financial risk of farms is better.
North Dakota Farm Profits Remained Strong in 2008   ( 2009-06-23 )
Net farm income averaged $180,746.

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