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Prairie Fare: Celebrate Soup Month With Comforting, Satisfying Soup   ( 2015-01-08 )
Researchers found that having soup before a meal can take the edge off your appetite.
NDSU Offers Health Insurance Workbook   ( 2014-12-16 )
Many consumers may be uncomfortable or feel overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions about health insurance coverage.
NDSU Sets Best of the Best in Wheat Research and Marketing Meetings   ( 2017-02-01 )
Management practices and marketing strategies that improve wheat producers' bottom line is the theme of the meetings.
Orange Blossom Wheat Midge Waiting in the Wings   ( 2007-02-22 )
A soil survey conducted last year detected increasing levels of overwintering wheat midge larvae for the upcoming 2007 season.
NDSU Releases Transgenic Soybean Variety   ( 2007-02-22 )
A transgenic Roundup-resistant soybean variety has been developed and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station.
NDSU Sets Agricultural Outlook Conferences   ( 2012-02-14 )
Expect Disease Problems on Potatoes and Tomatoes   ( 2010-07-06 )
There needs to be a susceptible host, the presence of the pathogen in the immediate environment and sustained conditions favorable for the pathogen to develop.
BeefTalk: A Few Nickels   ( 2010-05-20 )
For 20 nickels, I can get a dose of anthrax vaccine to vaccinate a calf.
Market Advisor: Cow Prices Off to Record Pace   ( 2010-04-20 )
Cow prices have increased more than normal this year in spite of a continuing high cow slaughter.
NDSU Sponsors Performance Ram Test in Hettinger   ( 2010-04-13 )
The purpose of the test is to compare growth and carcass traits among ram lambs raised under a similar environment.
N.D. Cropland Values Leveling Off   ( 2010-04-07 )
The biggest negative is that projected crop profitability for 2010 is the most challenging in several years.
BeefTalk: Bull Buying Basics – The Numbers Are Real, But Not Absolute   ( 2008-03-06 )
When buying bulls, the actual weight of the bull is not as important as the progeny weight.
NDSU Releases Range Monitoring Video   ( 2011-11-18 )
Video offers tips on managing rangelands and determining if goals are being met.
BeefTalk: Have You Done the Annual Ranch Enterprise Analysis?   ( 2013-02-14 )
Even if the numbers are not perfect, sitting down and reviewing input costs is critical.
Agricultural Producers Income Tax Filing Deadline is March 2   ( 2015-02-06 )
Ron Haugen, NDSU Extension Service farm economist, has some items to note for your 2013 income tax preparation.
When to Consider the ARC-IC Farm Bill Option   ( 2015-01-26 )
The most unique and intriguing aspect of ARC-IC is that it is the only program that is not totally decoupled from production.
Farm Management Meeting Set for Feb. 4 in Fargo   ( 2015-01-21 )
BeefTalk: Breed Percentile Tables, Performance Unveiled   ( 2010-02-18 )
Grab a color highlighter and prepare to decide what level of performance one wants to select when buying a bull.
Organic Crop Budgets for 2010 Available from NDSU   ( 2010-02-08 )
The organic crop budgets included in the publication are for spring wheat, durum, feed barley, corn, oil sunflowers, soybeans, oats, flax, field peas, millet, buckwheat, lentils, rye and green manure.
Agricultural Producers’ Income Tax Filing Deadline is March 1   ( 2010-01-28 )
Staying up to date will help producers prepare their returns accurately.

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