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Spotlight on Economics: A Need for Holistic Efficiency Benchmarking   ( 2013-08-06 )
Because the efficiency measures are on a scale, the extent of inefficiency associated with costs can be computed easily, which would be useful for producers in particular.
Manage Stress to Make Better Farming Decisions   ( 2013-06-10 )
What farmers and ranchers want to be careful about is letting their personal stresses pile up so that their management practices and decision-making become negatively affected.
Weather Creating Stressful Times   ( 2013-06-07 )
The emotional and physical needs of those who are undergoing stress from weather conditions are sometimes forgotten during a crisis.
NDSU Prevented-planting Website Provides Analyzer to Help Producers   ( 2013-05-30 )
The program compares prevented-planting with growing either the same crop for which a prevented-planting payment could be received or some other crop.
Spotlight on Economics: NDSU Commodity Trading Room in Barry Hall   ( 2013-05-17 )
The CTR will focus on risk and commodity trading, in addition to finance, portfolio analysis and management.
Spotlight on Economics: Stress Testing Your Farm   ( 2013-04-16 )
Farmers have experienced high demand and prices for their crops the past few years. However, farmers and experts agree that these conditions cannot be sustained forever.
N.D. Sees Very Large Increase in Land Values   ( 2013-04-03 )
The question is whether this huge increase has capped a 10-year rise in land values, which has been the largest in the past 100 years.
BeefTalk: Have You Done the Annual Ranch Enterprise Analysis?   ( 2013-02-14 )
Even if the numbers are not perfect, sitting down and reviewing input costs is critical.
Agricultural Producers Have More Time to File Tax Returns   ( 2013-02-06 )
Because of the recent enactment of the American Taxpayer Relief Act, the IRS has to have time to test their software and design forms, so they have given producers more time to file.
NDSU Offers Updated Crop Compare Program for 2013   ( 2012-12-24 )
The program provides a tool for producers to check the changing scenarios until final planting decisions are made this spring.
Ag Producers Should Do Income Tax Planning Before Year Ends   ( 2012-12-13 )
Spotlight on Economics: Assessing Probabilities Can Improve Marketing Plans   ( 2012-11-21 )
The first step in assessing market conditions and assigning subjective probabilities to price movements is to become familiar with the underlying supply and demand conditions for the crop under analysis.
Spotlight on Economics: Specialty Crops in N.D.   ( 2012-11-07 )
Specialty crops play a major role in North Dakota’s agriculture.
Expiring Income Tax Rules Could Affect Ag Producers   ( 2012-10-30 )
BeefTalk: Color-coded Data or Something Else?   ( 2012-10-25 )
Producers have set aside the old color-coded, breed-based management systems to focus on data instead of phenotype.
Spotlight on Economics: Flexible Land Rental Contracts   ( 2012-10-24 )
The interest in flexible rents by landowners often is a result of a large rise in commodity prices, which has occurred this year.
Farm Family Living Expenditures Show Strong Increase   ( 2012-10-10 )
North Dakota farm family living expenditures increased by an average of 6.8 percent from 2004 to 2011.
Publication Provides Summary of N.D. Farm Financial Performance   ( 2012-09-25 )
Farm gross cash revenue has increased by more than 150 percent in the past decade.
Spotlight on Economics: Issues and Challenges of the 2012 Farm Bill   ( 2012-04-25 )
Economic conditions under which the 2012 farm bill is being discussed are different from previous farm bills.
Calculate SURE Farm Payments for 2011   ( 2012-02-21 )
The NDSU SURE program calculator is applicable to nearly all farm situations.

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