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Spotlight on Economics: Examining the Source of Farm Equity   ( 2014-04-29 )
During the most recent time period (2007 through 2012), farmers are relying more on retained earnings to build net worth than asset revaluation. In other words, most farmers have been using their earnings wisely.
N.D. Land Values Cool   ( 2014-04-15 )
Land values showed about an 8 percent increase from the previous survey, compared with a 42 percent increase during 2012.
NDSU Extension Service: Agriculture and Natural Resources Fundamental to N.D.’s Success   ( 2014-04-10 )
NDSU Extension supports North Dakotans’ efforts to produce the food and fiber that are essential to the state.
NDSU Offers Farm Bill Decision Aid   ( 2014-03-28 )
2014 Farm Bill Authorizes New Crop Insurance   ( 2014-03-05 )
The new shallow-loss crop insurance is not available this year.
Should You Reallocate Bases and Update Program Yields?   ( 2014-02-28 )
Make the reallocation decision on a farm-by-farm basis.
Landowners May Reallocate Crop Bases and Update Program Yields   ( 2014-02-19 )
The FSA will provide notification to landowners that will include the base and yield information of record as of Oct. 1, 2013. It will be up to landowners to decide whether any reallocating or updating is to their advantage.
Farm Bill Requires Choices   ( 2014-02-13 )
For crop producers, the primary decision will be to choose the Agricultural Risk Coverage option or the Price Loss Coverage option.
Fight High Heating Costs   ( 2014-02-06 )
Look for ways to reduce heating costs.
Beef Talk: CHAPS Herd Benchmarks   ( 2014-01-23 )
The beef business is a long-term business, and producers need to gauge their production against solid indicators that can help them set or modify production goals.
Farm Management Meeting Set for Feb. 5 in Fargo   ( 2014-01-22 )
Presentations will focus on the grain market outlook and pricing strategies, farm transition planning, big-picture outlook for the agricultural industry, U.S. farm policy, managing your land base and the potential of African agriculture.
NDSU Extension Service Projects Commodity Planning Prices for 2014   ( 2014-01-13 )
These planning prices can be used for preparing annual enterprise budgets and annual whole-farm cash flow projections.
NDSU Offers Updated Crop Compare Program for 2014   ( 2013-12-23 )
The program uses the direct costs and yields from the 2014 projected crop budgets for nine regions of North Dakota.
Holiday Giving Includes Charitable Donations   ( 2013-12-18 )
Donating your hard-earned money or valuable time is the best holiday gift you can give to your community and yourself
NDSU Extension Begins Smart Choices Health Insurance Selection Program   ( 2013-12-02 )
Through workshops, participants will learn how to analyze what they need and want from health-care providers, compare plans, calculate how health insurance will affect their financial budgets, and apply the information and knowledge gained to make a smart health insurance choice.
Spotlight on Economics: The Value of USDA Reports   ( 2013-11-26 )
The USDA market information and outlook forecasts make an easy target for marketing analysts and farmers because they often question and sometimes criticize the information contained in key reports. However, we often do not think about what might happen if this information was not available “free of charge” to the general public.
Ag Producers Income Tax Management Program Set for Nov. 18   ( 2013-10-29 )
Experts will provide federal income tax updates and tax management alternatives.
Spotlight on Economics: Impact of Trade Liberalization on Technical Efficiency in U.S. Agriculture   ( 2013-10-16 )
There is a lack of consensus among economists on the impact trade liberalization has on technical efficiency.
NDSU Publication Provides Summary of N.D. Farm Financial Performance   ( 2013-10-04 )
Farm gross cash revenue has more than doubled during the past 10 years.
NDSU Offers 2013 Custom Rates for Early Season Farm Operations   ( 2013-09-04 )
The survey summarizes approximately 2,700 reports from aerial operators, farmers, ranchers and other custom operators.

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