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N.D. Farm Performance Rebounds in 2016   ( 2017-05-22 )
The big positive influence on farm financial performance in 2016 was yields.
N.D. Cropland Values Flat to Down   ( 2017-04-10 )
Strong yields in 2016 provided a temporary relief to the downward pressure on land values and rents.
Producers Will Receive Maximum Farm Bill Payments for Wheat in 2017   ( 2017-03-15 )
These payments, based on the 2016 crop year, will be made sometime after Oct. 1, 2017.
Spotlight on Economics: Swinging for the Fences   ( 2017-02-27 )
The 2016 North Dakota corn crop makes a great case for the upside of corn, as record yields resulted in profits that allowed many farms to plant another day.
NDSU Releases Custom Farm Work Rates Survey   ( 2017-02-27 )
These rates are published as a guide in establishing rates for custom work, comparing ownership or leasing costs with custom work and settling accounts when two or more people exchange work.
Income Tax Filing Deadline is March 1 for Agricultural Producers   ( 2017-02-06 )
NDSU Extension Service Farm Economist Ron Haugen shares some items to note for 2016 income tax preparation.
Annie's Project Offered in N.D. in 2017   ( 2017-01-27 )
The six-week program teaches women how to become better business partners in their farm or ranch operation.
NDSU Extension Strengthens Programming to Meet Citizen Needs   ( 2017-01-11 )
Extension has added or strengthened programs in response to North Dakotans’ concerns.
NDSU Extension Family, Consumer Programs Targeted at Prevention   ( 2016-09-20 )
Extension’s family and consumer science programs are making a difference in North Dakota.
Johnson Joins NDSU Extension as Personal and Family Finance Specialist   ( 2016-09-14 )
She will work with a team of Extension professionals to provide financial programming.
NDSU Publication Provides 10 Year Summary of N.D. Farm Financial Performance   ( 2016-09-12 )
The publication uses 16 financial measures to look at relationships between financial performance and farm characteristics.
Program Educates Professionals on Farm/Ranch Succession   ( 2016-08-25 )
Professionals gain the knowledge to guide families through the succession planning process.
Wheat Base Farm Bill Payments Substantial for N.D.   ( 2016-07-15 )
Total farm bill payments on North Dakota wheat base acres are expected to be in the area of $150 million.
BeefTalk: Tag Calves for Maximum Marketing Opportunities   ( 2016-07-14 )
No producer should be shut out of competitive bidding simply because the calves are not identified adequately.
N.D. Farm Income Declines for 3rd Consecutive Year   ( 2016-05-26 )
Financial performance varied across the state according to the profitability of enterprises in which producers were engaged.
Long-term Health-care Plan Vital for Farm/Ranch Families   ( 2016-05-25 )
Long-term health-care costs can be a huge financial drain on farm/ranch families.
Families Appreciate NDSU Extension Farm/Ranch Succession Help   ( 2016-05-12 )
The Design Your Succession Program helps families determine their vision for the farm or ranch.
N.D. Land Values Decline   ( 2016-04-04 )
2016 will be a critical year for farm finances and land values.
NDSU Extension Uses Community Forums as Listening Opportunities   ( 2016-03-14 )
North Dakotans shared their concerns about agriculture, energy, natural resources, the economy, children, families and communities.
Sign Up for 2016 Dairy Program Now   ( 2015-07-21 )
The enrollment period ends Sept. 30.

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