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Time for Agricultural Producers to File Tax Returns   ( 2012-02-10 )
NDSU Extension economist has some tax tips for producers.
Communications Expert Headlines Farm Managers Meeting   ( 2012-01-24 )
The featured speaker is Jolene Brown who is a farmer, author and award-winning communicator.
NDSU Extension Service Projects Commodity Planning Prices for 2012   ( 2012-01-09 )
NDSU Offers Updated Crop Compare Program   ( 2011-12-19 )
The program provides a tool for producers to check the changing scenarios until final planting decisions are made this spring.
Ag Producers Should Do Income Tax Planning Before Year-end   ( 2011-12-06 )
Publication Provides Summary of N.D. Farm Financial Performance   ( 2011-09-29 )
Farm gross cash revenue has doubled in the past decade.
BeefTalk: Prepare to Age and Source Your Calves Correctly   ( 2011-08-11 )
Get the Most Out of Prevented Planting Acres   ( 2011-07-11 )
Producers can plant forage mixes for grazing that increase the soil’s water-holding capacity and add nitrogen to the soil.
New Tool Kit Aids Financial Recovery After Disasters   ( 2011-06-23 )
A new free online resource can help people get their finances back in order after a disaster.
NDSU Offers Program to Compare Prevented Planting With Planting   ( 2011-06-03 )
The program compares prevented planting with growing either the same crop for which a prevented planting payment could be received or some other crop.
Implications of Prevented Planting on SURE Program   ( 2011-05-27 )
Unlike prevented planting insurance, which is calculated crop by crop, the SURE payment is triggered at the whole-farm level.
BeefTalk: Understanding and Controlling Cost Is Critical   ( 2011-05-19 )
The question of the day remains on how a producer can sustain a cow-calf enterprise.
Multiple Job-holding Rate Remains High in N.D.   ( 2011-02-15 )
Since 1994, North Dakota has ranked among the top nine states with the highest multiple job-holding rates in the nation.
Beef Talk: Grass and Beef - The Future?   ( 2011-02-03 )
Everyone wants to know what the future holds, but given the paradigm shifts, many trend lines composed of historic data points are not there.
Latest Custom Farm Work Rates Available   ( 2011-02-01 )
Most custom rates have increased 10 to 20 percent from the previous survey conducted in 2007.
Time for Agricultural Producers to File Tax Returns   ( 2011-01-20 )
Agricultural producers need to take a close look at some tax preparation items.
Ag Producers Should Do Income Tax Planning While Congress Debates Tax Policy   ( 2010-12-10 )
Producers must do tax planning before the end of the year based on the information known at this time.
NDSU Publication Provides Summary of N.D. Farm Financial Performance   ( 2010-11-18 )
Farm gross cash revenue has doubled during the past decade.
NDSU Offers Farm/Ranch Transition and Estate Planning   ( 2010-11-12 )
What are the best tools available to plan your estate?
Ag Women’s Conference Scheduled for Dickinson   ( 2010-09-24 )

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