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Prairie Fare: Savor the Flavor of Bacon but in Moderation   ( 2014-02-20 )
Bacon is highly flavorful, so a sprinkle of bacon crumbles adds a lot of flavor to a baked potato or a spinach salad. To moderate your intake of sodium, try the reduced-sodium versions of bacon that are available.
Prairie Fare: Frozen Foods Have Inspired Menus for More Than 80 Years   ( 2014-02-13 )
Because the canned food industry was short on packaging and processing supplies during World War II, the frozen foods industry took great strides.
Spotlight on Economics: Who is Driving Food Standards?   ( 2014-02-11 )
If a consumer does not care for a particular food, there are almost always plenty of alternatives, and many consumers have the income to pursue those alternatives.
Fight High Heating Costs   ( 2014-02-06 )
Look for ways to reduce heating costs.
Agricultural Producers Income Tax Filing Deadline Draws Near   ( 2014-01-31 )
Ron Haugen, NDSU Extension Service farm economist, has some items to note for your 2013 income tax preparation.
Prairie Fare: Be Inspired to Get Out of Your Easy Chair This Winter   ( 2014-01-16 )
We do not have to leave our homes to exercise.
NDSU Extension Service: Extending Knowledge, Changing Lives   ( 2014-01-08 )
The NDSU Extension Service is celebrating 100 years in 2014.
NDSU Offers Steps to Take on Stolen Credit Information   ( 2013-12-23 )
Check your credit card activity online to see if there are any charges recorded that you or your family did not make.
Extension Program Helps SNAP Participants Stretch Food Dollars   ( 2013-12-20 )
The Family Nutrition Program provides tips to stretch your food budget.
NDSU Helping People 50-plus Nourish Their Body   ( 2013-12-19 )
Nourishing Boomers and Beyond offers strategies for eating healthfully and staying physically active.
Holiday Giving Includes Charitable Donations   ( 2013-12-18 )
Donating your hard-earned money or valuable time is the best holiday gift you can give to your community and yourself
NDSU Extension Begins Smart Choices Health Insurance Selection Program   ( 2013-12-02 )
Through workshops, participants will learn how to analyze what they need and want from health-care providers, compare plans, calculate how health insurance will affect their financial budgets, and apply the information and knowledge gained to make a smart health insurance choice.
Prairie Fare: November is National Diabetes Awareness Month   ( 2013-11-14 )
Uncontrolled diabetes can result in serious complications, including heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, amputations and/or blindness, if not managed effectively.
Avoid Financial Fraud   ( 2013-09-24 )
Fraudsters are very effective at reaching and enticing vulnerable populations into turning over their money.
Prairie Fare: As Families Evolve, Scale Your Recipes Accordingly   ( 2013-09-12 )
You can adapt many recipes to fit your current household size.
Spotlight on Economics: N.D. Land Values Likely Have Peaked   ( 2013-09-03 )
Consider the combination of circumstances that have fueled the strong land market and whether increases will continue.
Prairie Fare: As Summer Winds Down, Gear Up for Breakfast, After-school Snacks   ( 2013-08-15 )
Breakfast skippers usually more than make up for the 300 or so calories skipped in the morning.
Prairie Fare: Historical Canning Recipes Not Necessarily Safe   ( 2013-08-01 )
Recommendations change as scientists learn more about what is safe and what isn’t.
Prairie Fare: Take These Lessons Along to College   ( 2013-07-25 )
When high school graduates leave home for further education or a job, they get their long-awaited freedom from parents and family rules.
Spotlight on Economics: Cost of Living in Western N.D. Counties   ( 2013-07-23 )
How do these price changes affect the welfare of western North Dakotans? Additionally, what are the impacts of these economic activities on the rest of the state?

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