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Spotlight on Economics: N.D. Land Values Likely Have Peaked   ( 2013-09-03 )
Consider the combination of circumstances that have fueled the strong land market and whether increases will continue.
Prairie Fare: As Summer Winds Down, Gear Up for Breakfast, After-school Snacks   ( 2013-08-15 )
Breakfast skippers usually more than make up for the 300 or so calories skipped in the morning.
Prairie Fare: Historical Canning Recipes Not Necessarily Safe   ( 2013-08-01 )
Recommendations change as scientists learn more about what is safe and what isn’t.
Prairie Fare: Take These Lessons Along to College   ( 2013-07-25 )
When high school graduates leave home for further education or a job, they get their long-awaited freedom from parents and family rules.
Spotlight on Economics: Cost of Living in Western N.D. Counties   ( 2013-07-23 )
How do these price changes affect the welfare of western North Dakotans? Additionally, what are the impacts of these economic activities on the rest of the state?
Grocery Prices Vary Greatly Across N.D.   ( 2013-07-17 )
The NDSU Extension Service was interested in finding out if there are significant price differences among oil-impacted and nonoil-impacted areas of the state or by the size of the community or type of food business.
Prairie Fare: Consider These Fresh-squeezed Facts About Juice   ( 2013-07-03 )
If you have children or grandchildren, you might be especially interested in the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations.
N.D. Ranks Well Nationally in Child Health and Well-being but Opportunities Exist   ( 2013-06-24 )
North Dakota children are showing some progress in the education and health indicators but mixed results in the family and community indicator.
Keep Summer Vacation Spending Under Control   ( 2013-06-21 )
Start by determining how much your family has to spend on a vacation this summer.
New 4-H Camp Building Named for Former Extension Leader Johnsrud   ( 2013-06-20 )
The North Dakota 4-H Camp is upgrading facilities, expanding camping opportunities and building a multipurpose building.
Manage Stress to Make Better Farming Decisions   ( 2013-06-10 )
What farmers and ranchers want to be careful about is letting their personal stresses pile up so that their management practices and decision-making become negatively affected.
Weather Creating Stressful Times   ( 2013-06-07 )
The emotional and physical needs of those who are undergoing stress from weather conditions are sometimes forgotten during a crisis.
Prairie Fare: Food Additives Serve Unique Purposes   ( 2013-04-25 )
Food additives have been regulated for more than 100 years, dating back to the Food and Drug Act in 1906.
Be Prepared for Flooding in Rural Areas   ( 2013-04-22 )
If roads become impassable, have a shelter plan in place.
Terrorism Stressful for Adults   ( 2013-04-16 )
It is likely that for some time, many adults may find themselves dealing with increased anxiety, sleep challenges, more fatigue, restless feelings or irritation, added physical concerns or feelings of loss and sadness.
Help Children Deal With Stress Related to Terrorism   ( 2013-04-16 )
Parents and adults provide an example for children, act as a resource in helping children cope, and give guidance and support in managing emotions.
Talk to Children About Terrorism   ( 2013-04-16 )
The news reports may not be intended to alarm children, but the 24-hour media coverage, as well as parents and other adults around them watching the television screen and discussing the tragedy, makes it virtually impossible to shield children from the fact that the adults in their life are concerned and upset.
‘Eat Smart. Play Hard.’ Poster Contest Winners Named   ( 2013-04-08 )
The posters promote healthful eating, regular physical activity and heart health.
Prairie Fare: Compare Cereals for Best Nutrition   ( 2013-03-28 )
To make the most nutrient-rich choices, you have to be a good label reader, including the Nutrition Facts label and the ingredient statement.
Almost 10,000 Children in N.D. Without Health Insurance   ( 2013-03-28 )
A lack of health insurance can have a negative influence on school attendance and participation in extracurricular activities, and increased financial and emotional stress among parents.

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