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Take Your Financial Future Into Your Own Hands   ( 2015-02-17 )
This is the perfect time to set your savings goals and create a plan.
Prairie Fare: Bring on the Leafy Greens This Winter   ( 2015-01-29 )
The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that we have at least 1 1/2 cups of dark green vegetables per week.
Prairie Fare: Please Stay Home When You Are Sick   ( 2014-12-23 )
Some reports say that cold virus droplets can spread at least five feet and up to 30 feet.
Prairie Fare: Set Goals to Help Improve Fitness   ( 2014-12-18 )
Exercise and food choices go hand in hand for maintaining and improving health.
NDSU Offers Health Insurance Workbook   ( 2014-12-16 )
Many consumers may be uncomfortable or feel overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions about health insurance coverage.
Prairie Fare: Limit Your Holiday Stress   ( 2014-12-04 )
Simplifying expectations, eating a healthful diet, getting plenty of exercise and scheduling time for relaxation can help you cope.
Download Smartphone App Now for Winter Travel Safety   ( 2014-11-28 )
Get prepared for winter travel with the Winter Survival Kit smartphone app.
Prairie Fare: Be Sure Turkey Time Inspires Memories, Not Nightmares   ( 2014-11-13 )
Regardless of how you decide to prepare your bird, ensure a successful and safe turkey dinner by taking some precautions.
Prairie Fare: Hand Washing Really Does Cut Illness Rates   ( 2014-10-30 )
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention refers to hand washing as the single most important means of preventing the spread of disease.
2014 NDSU Harvest Bowl Agribusiness Award Recipient Named   ( 2014-10-24 )
Jerry Doan, a leader in North Dakota agriculture, was the first chair of the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education.
Prairie Fare: Take Steps to Prevent Kitchen Fires   ( 2014-10-23 )
Kitchen fires are the most common cause of home fires.
Learn How to Nourish Your Body   ( 2014-10-08 )
NDSU Extension is kicking off its second year of the Nourishing Boomers and Beyond program in November.
Participants Sought for NDSU Peer Suicide Bereavement Study   ( 2014-09-08 )
Prairie Fare: Conquer the Midmorning Slump with Breakfast   ( 2014-08-28 )
Eating a balanced breakfast has many benefits for adults and children.
Spotlight on Economics: Federal Reserve "Tapering"   ( 2014-08-12 )
The Fed began tapering at its December 2013 meeting by reducing monthly bond purchases by $10 billion (equally split between treasury securities and MBS).
Prairie Fare: Summer Adventures on the Road Call for Dashboard Dining   ( 2014-07-17 )
Any time you leave the home routine, with its somewhat regular schedule and mealtimes, nutrition can be affected.
Prairie Fare: Freeze in the Heat of Summer   ( 2014-06-12 )
Do you know how to do the butcher wrap, drugstore wrap and the casserole wrap?
Prairie Fare: Fish for Good Nutrition   ( 2014-05-08 )
Fish and seafood are excellent sources of protein and they provide a range of nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids that are both heart- and brain-healthy.
NDSU Extension: 100 Years of Extending Knowledge, Changing Lives   ( 2014-05-05 )
NDSU Extension is celebrating its 100th anniversary with events on campus May 8 and at county offices this spring.
Prairie Fare: Be Aware of Food Safety in Restaurants and at Home   ( 2014-05-01 )
The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently studied “solved” foodborne illness outbreaks in the U.S. The center reported 28,000 people were sickened in 1,610 restaurant-related outbreaks during a 10-year period, compared with 13,000 people sickened in 893 outbreaks at home.

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