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NDSU to Host Climate Workshop   ( 2018-05-15 )
Climate prediction applications will be among the topics covered.
Renewable Accounts: Energy Independence   ( 2013-09-17 )
We still do not produce all of the energy that we consume.
Renewable Accounts: Energy Returns on Biofuels   ( 2013-07-19 )
The results can vary greatly depending on the data and assumptions used.
Renewable Accounts: Climate Change Plans Important to N.D.   ( 2013-07-03 )
The administration’s plans are important to North Dakota, its businesses and residents because of the size of our energy and agricultural sectors and the energy budgets in many businesses and households.
Renewable Accounts: Why Support Bioenergy and Bioproducts?   ( 2013-06-20 )
The price of oil is at a level that many biofuels and bioproducts can compete against oil on a purely financial basis without even mentioning the environmental, rural economic development or energy security impacts.
Renewable Accounts
New Energy Economics: A Wrap on Biofuels   ( 2011-07-19 )
New Energy Economics: Wind Industry Update   ( 2010-05-25 )
Any developer of a wind energy project must find and secure a buyer who is willing to purchase the electricity that is produced.
New Energy Economics: Electrical Grid Potentially Can Handle 20 Percent Wind Energy   ( 2010-02-02 )
The expansion of electrical transmission infrastructure will provide more flexibility to balance load demands, generation potential and geographic diversity.
New Energy Economics: Wind Energy for North Dakota Homeowners   ( 2009-12-01 )
New Energy Economics: Wind Energy Myths   ( 2009-08-14 )
Some people have false impressions about wind energy and its potential.
New Energy Economics: New Option to Finance Wind Development   ( 2009-06-18 )
A new federal incentive allows U.S. taxpayers to deduct 30 percent of the cost for installing new wind energy systems by way of a tax credit or obtain a 30 percent direct grant.
New Energy Economics: Unintended Effects of Wind Energy – Aerial Spraying   ( 2009-05-07 )
The aviation industry is concerned that wind energy growth will endanger pilots and restrict the opportunities a neighbor may have for any aerial chemical application.
New Energy Economics: Liens on Wind Property Create Landowner Credit Problems   ( 2009-04-09 )
Landowners contemplating a wind project should review carefully the financial records of the developer and those firms aligned with the project.
NDSU Offers Wind Turbine Lease Publication   ( 2009-03-05 )
Contract specifications, including lease payment structure and liability issues, are outlined in the publication.
New Energy Economics: Visit Our New Wind Energy Web Site   ( 2009-02-26 )
The Web site is up 24/7, so people can access the information at their convenience.
New Energy Economics: N.D. Wind Energy Legislative Proposals   ( 2009-01-29 )
Existing and potential wind energy owners should review the provisions of bills introduced in the North Dakota Legislature.
NDSU Offers Overview of Small Wind Turbines   ( 2009-01-22 )
Extension Service teams offer webcast overview of small wind turbines.
New Energy Economics: Work Plans for 2009   ( 2009-01-15 )
Gustafson shares an overview of 2009 projects.
New Energy Economics: Wind - What Is Its Value?   ( 2008-12-31 )
Many people have an initial impression that the economics of wind energy is easy to evaluate.

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