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Oil Patch School Enrollment to Continue Rising   ( 2013-03-06 )
Growth will require school districts to add classrooms and teachers and perhaps school buildings, depending on circumstances and existing infrastructure within individual school districts.
Spotlight on Economics: Population Projections for Williston Basin   ( 2013-03-01 )
Standard demographic models and methods historically used to project population are inadequate because of the very rapid rate of change in western North Dakota and the unique nature of the Williston Basin workforce.
Spotlight on Economics: What Can be Done With Fracking Flowback Water?   ( 2013-02-06 )
The means of transporting and disposing of this wastewater has become an issue.
Reduce Ice Dam and Icicle Damage   ( 2013-02-04 )
The best way to avoid damage is to keep ice dams from forming.
NDSU Develops Farm Fuel Budget App   ( 2013-01-18 )
Producers can compare projected fuel costs and use based on alternate crop acreages, tillage systems and crop rotations.
Spotlight on Economics: Compensating Surface Users for Mineral Development   ( 2013-01-08 )
Recognizing the concerns of surface owners who do not own the minerals, North Dakota law has been modified through the years to offer the surface owner more property protection rights.
Williams County, Williston Continue to Grow   ( 2012-12-12 )
The population of Williams County could go as high as 70,000 by 2017.
NDSU Awarded Funds to Analyze Sugar Beets for Biofuel   ( 2012-12-07 )
The grant recognizes the promise of energy beets as an industrial feedstock and a proprietary yield-enhancing technology to improve the competitiveness of energy beets as a feedstock.
Spotlight on Economics: Time to Consider Water Quality and Economic Good   ( 2012-05-23 )
Efforts to maintain environmental quality need not threaten economic growth.
Spotlight on Economics: Growth in Petroleum Sector Sparks Need for Research   ( 2012-05-10 )
State and local decision makers, regulators, developers and others are in need of information about the scope and scale of the growth and development of the petroleum industry to plan for the future.
NDSU Researchers Study Growth Implications of Petroleum Sector in Dickinson Region   ( 2012-05-08 )
For now, employment will be driven more by short-term or temporary jobs, such as those associated with construction, drilling and fracking. Long-term employment will be more closely associated with maintenance and oil field services.
New App Helps Identify Cost-effective Heating Fuel   ( 2012-03-15 )
A new app can help homeowners compare heating fuel costs.
Changing Bulbs Can Save More Than a Little Change   ( 2012-01-03 )
As with any purchase, there are issues with the quality of the product and making sure the right bulb is purchased for a particular situation.
NDSU and UND Partner on Flare Gas Initiative   ( 2011-11-28 )
The project is a unique opportunity for the state because flare gas volumes and the demand for nitrogen fertilizer are increasing.
Cut Energy Use to Reduce Electric Bills   ( 2011-11-22 )
Don’t overlook the cost of operating household electrical devices.
Homeowners Have Simple Ways to Cut Heating Bills   ( 2011-11-08 )
A few simple steps can reduce home energy costs significantly.
Beware of Space Heater Hazards   ( 2011-09-20 )
Burns and carbon monoxide poisoning are two of the dangers of using space heaters.
Get Ready for Heating Season   ( 2011-09-16 )
A few simple steps can cut your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.
Properly Rebuild, Insulate Flooded Homes   ( 2011-08-22 )
Make sure contractors install the proper amount of insulation.
N.D. Crude Oil Production at Record Level   ( 2011-07-19 )
North Dakota is the only state among the largest oil-producing states to have increased capacity from 2000 to 2010.

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