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New Energy Economics: Wind Energy for North Dakota Homeowners   ( 2009-12-01 )
New Energy Economics: Corn Stover Harvest Challenges   ( 2009-11-20 )
The price of these dedicated corn stover and cob harvesters is significant.
New Energy Economics: Field Peas as an Ethanol Feedstock   ( 2009-10-23 )
New Energy Economics: N.D. Ranch Productivity Reduces Greenhouse Gas Concerns   ( 2009-10-06 )
For each acre on which ranchers improve their range management practices, they can claim 0.12 metric ton of carbon saved, but only as long as prescribed actions are followed.
New Energy Economics: Can Scientists Really Estimate Indirect Land Use?   ( 2009-09-24 )
New Energy Economics: BiomassCompare – A Spreadsheet to Evaluate Biomass Profitability   ( 2009-08-25 )
The BiomassCompare spreadsheet compares the profitability of raising a new biomass crop with existing crops already on a producer’s farm or ranch.
New Energy Economics: Wind Energy Myths   ( 2009-08-14 )
Some people have false impressions about wind energy and its potential.
New Energy Economics: How Soon Will Cellulosic Ethanol Arrive?   ( 2009-07-29 )
Surprisingly, cellulosic ethanol firms have been able to secure reasonable levels of financial capital for expansion.
New Energy Economics: Potential Value of Carbon Offsets Supplied by N. D. Farmers and Ranchers   ( 2009-07-02 )
A cornerstone of the new legislation is the development of a carbon cap-and-trading scheme.
New Energy Economics: New Option to Finance Wind Development   ( 2009-06-18 )
A new federal incentive allows U.S. taxpayers to deduct 30 percent of the cost for installing new wind energy systems by way of a tax credit or obtain a 30 percent direct grant.
New Energy Economics: Carbon Cap and Trade Seminar For USDA Economists   ( 2009-06-05 )
The seminar was timely, given the U.S. House Energy Committee’s passage of the Waxman-Markey climate legislation the prior week.
New Energy Economics: Unintended Effects of Wind Energy – Aerial Spraying   ( 2009-05-07 )
The aviation industry is concerned that wind energy growth will endanger pilots and restrict the opportunities a neighbor may have for any aerial chemical application.
New Energy Economics: Agricultural Implications of EPA Carbon Dioxide Declaration   ( 2009-04-23 )
The EPA’s new finding brings the U.S. closer to European nations that have agreed to Kyoto greenhouse gas limits and are pushing for a new international treaty.
New Energy Economics: Liens on Wind Property Create Landowner Credit Problems   ( 2009-04-09 )
Landowners contemplating a wind project should review carefully the financial records of the developer and those firms aligned with the project.
New Energy Economics: Markets for Traditional Corn Ethanol Narrowing   ( 2009-03-26 )
Many traditional corn grain ethanol plants are adopting new production methods in an effort to reduce their carbon footprints.
New Energy Economics: Carbon Cap and Trade   ( 2009-03-12 )
Under cap-and-trade, the government sets an annual cap on carbon emissions.
New Energy Economics: Visit Our New Wind Energy Web Site   ( 2009-02-26 )
The Web site is up 24/7, so people can access the information at their convenience.
New Energy Economics: Japanese Consumers: What is Carbon Footprint of N.D. Grains?   ( 2009-02-12 )
The grain industry is getting more questions from Japanese consumers who want to know what the carbon footprint is of the foods they are consuming.
New Energy Economics: N.D. Wind Energy Legislative Proposals   ( 2009-01-29 )
Existing and potential wind energy owners should review the provisions of bills introduced in the North Dakota Legislature.
New Energy Economics: Work Plans for 2009   ( 2009-01-15 )
Gustafson shares an overview of 2009 projects.

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