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New Energy Economics: Impact of National Election on Renewable Energy Industry   ( 2010-11-09 )
The ethanol industry was quick to point out that several of the new Republicans elected to serve in Washington, D.C., hail from farm states.
New Energy Economics: Initial Impact of E15 Will Be Modest   ( 2010-10-27 )
The overall market impact of E15 will be negligible because biofuel production is expected to exceed growth in consumption.
New Energy Economics: How Much Biofuel From Unharvested Sugar Beet Acres?   ( 2010-10-05 )
New Energy Economics: Is There Enough Time to Harvest Wheat Straw?   ( 2010-09-23 )
With expanding acreage of other fall crops, the number of days to collect wheat straw could be limited if a producer wants to complete tillage before moving on to other fall crops.
New Energy Economics: Who Owns the Biomass – Tenant or Landowner?   ( 2010-09-08 )
New Energy Economics: 2010 Energy Beet Field Days   ( 2010-08-24 )
Farmers observing the trials were quite excited to see a new crop being developed.
New Energy Economics: Challenges of Commercializing Cellulosic Biofuels   ( 2010-08-10 )
Pyrolysis oil is a low-grade fuel.
New Energy Economics: Is Biofuel the Most Valuable Component of a Cellulosic Biorefinery?   ( 2010-07-29 )
The final value depends critically on prevailing prices.
New Energy Economics: Feds Lower Cellulosic Production Targets   ( 2010-07-16 )
The EPA slashed expected production levels of cellulosic biofuel from 250 million gallons to less than 25 million.
New Energy Economics: Will Farmers’ Actions Continue to Improve the Ethanol Energy Balance?   ( 2010-06-29 )
The USDA’s study provides insight as to where the energy efficiencies have come from that lead to ethanol’s improved energy balance.
New Energy Economics: Biofuel Executive Pay   ( 2010-06-16 )
Just like banks and other financial institutions, the biofuels industry has gone through a very tumultuous period of market stress, with nearly a dozen bankruptcies nationwide.
New Energy Economics: Wind Industry Update   ( 2010-05-25 )
Any developer of a wind energy project must find and secure a buyer who is willing to purchase the electricity that is produced.
New Energy Economics: NDSU and USDA/ARS Partner to Establish Biomass Testing Lab   ( 2010-05-11 )
The lab will be designed specifically to test the dimensional, thermal and physical properties of biomass.
New Energy Economics: NDSU and Energy Beet Partners Receive $330,000 Grant   ( 2010-04-22 )
The grant proposal was submitted and approved by North Dakota’s Renewable Energy Council.
New Energy Economics: Challenges to Biomass Processing   ( 2010-04-08 )
Since biomass cubing requires substantial horsepower and energy, it reduces its appeal as a renewable energy source.
New Energy Economics: North Dakota Energy Impact Symposium   ( 2010-03-23 )
These are exciting times in North Dakota for traditional petroleum, as well as new biofuel industries.
New Energy Economics: Removing Ethanol Subsidy Increases Bankruptcy Risk   ( 2010-03-10 )
The blenders tax credit is a key issue because the program is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2010, unless Congress decides to extend it.
New Energy Economics: Was EPA’s Recent Ruling That Great for Corn Ethanol?   ( 2010-02-22 )
During the past two years, the EPA and the ethanol industry have been arguing whether corn grain ethanol reduces GHG by at least 20 percent and qualifies as a conventional biofuel.
New Energy Economics: Electrical Grid Potentially Can Handle 20 Percent Wind Energy   ( 2010-02-02 )
The expansion of electrical transmission infrastructure will provide more flexibility to balance load demands, generation potential and geographic diversity.
New Energy Economics: Why Do Gas Prices Rise in Summer?   ( 2010-01-19 )
Since 1990 under the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency has required the use of reformulated gasoline blends during April through September in major metropolitan cities.

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