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NDSU Extension Service: Extending Knowledge, Changing Lives   ( 2014-01-08 )
The NDSU Extension Service is celebrating 100 years in 2014.
Gear Up Your Small Business for E-tailing   ( 2014-01-07 )
A new program helps small-business owners make use of e-tailing.
Spotlight on Economics: N.D. Cropping Practices Past, Present and Future   ( 2013-10-02 )
Farmers have diversified their crop selections to reduce the risk of diseases, pests and price volatility.
Avoid Financial Fraud   ( 2013-09-24 )
Fraudsters are very effective at reaching and enticing vulnerable populations into turning over their money.
Spotlight on Economics: Taking Charge of Your Community’s Future   ( 2013-09-20 )
The growth North Dakota is experiencing is coming in many areas.
NDSU Rural Leadership N.D. Program Selects 6th Class   ( 2013-09-09 )
Ninety-four people from 57 communities in 35 counties have graduated from RLND since 2003.
Spotlight on Economics: Cost of Living in Western N.D. Counties   ( 2013-07-23 )
How do these price changes affect the welfare of western North Dakotans? Additionally, what are the impacts of these economic activities on the rest of the state?
Spotlight on Economics: Joint Ventures: Cooperatives Working with other Firms   ( 2013-07-11 )
As market conditions faced by a cooperative change, cooperative business leaders may seek funds to make additional investments or to maintain the ability to compete within a given region.
Renewable Accounts: Climate Change Plans Important to N.D.   ( 2013-07-03 )
The administration’s plans are important to North Dakota, its businesses and residents because of the size of our energy and agricultural sectors and the energy budgets in many businesses and households.
Spotlight on Economics: Capitalism and Society   ( 2013-06-26 )
Free markets and economic liberty tend to coincide with economic growth and prosperity.
Renewable Accounts: A New Column   ( 2013-05-31 )
My job at NDSU is to develop (research) and provide science-based knowledge on the economics of producing, transporting, converting and marketing biomass into bioproducts.
Renewable Accounts
Spotlight on Economics: NDSU Commodity Trading Room in Barry Hall   ( 2013-05-17 )
The CTR will focus on risk and commodity trading, in addition to finance, portfolio analysis and management.
Spotlight on Economics: Stress Testing Your Farm   ( 2013-04-16 )
Farmers have experienced high demand and prices for their crops the past few years. However, farmers and experts agree that these conditions cannot be sustained forever.
RLND Seeking Participants for 6th Class   ( 2013-04-08 )
Rural Leadership North Dakota helps participants develop skills such as thinking creatively and communicating effectively.
Spotlight on Economics: North Dakota’s Growing Economy   ( 2013-04-03 )
North Dakota’s economy has been largely insulated from the primary factors affecting national and world economies.
CHS Grant Supports NDSU Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives   ( 2013-03-15 )
The CHS contribution will enable the center to expand the reach of graduate and undergraduate courses and improve efforts to develop and disseminate cooperative educational materials through electronic and social media sources.
Spotlight on Economics: Projections of Employment, Housing and Population for Western N.D.   ( 2013-03-07 )
One of the first steps is understanding that projections of future oil activity do not exhibit the classic boom-and-bust cycles the state has experienced in the past.
Oil Patch School Enrollment to Continue Rising   ( 2013-03-06 )
Growth will require school districts to add classrooms and teachers and perhaps school buildings, depending on circumstances and existing infrastructure within individual school districts.
Spotlight on Economics: Population Projections for Williston Basin   ( 2013-03-01 )
Standard demographic models and methods historically used to project population are inadequate because of the very rapid rate of change in western North Dakota and the unique nature of the Williston Basin workforce.

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