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N.D. Gross Domestic Product Reaches $34.7 billion   ( 2011-12-13 )
After adjusting for inflation, North Dakota’s real-dollar GDP grew 7 percent from 2009 to 2010.
One in 12 N.D. Children are Uninsured   ( 2011-11-16 )
One in 3 N.D. Homes Owner-occupied, Mortgaged   ( 2011-10-11 )
The median value of owner-occupied housing with a mortgage in North Dakota was $134,700 in 2009.
N.D. Personal Transfer Receipts Increase   ( 2011-09-15 )
The impact of the national recession can be seen specifically in the unemployment compensation to North Dakotans.
Western N.D. Counties Show Growth in Income Due to Migration   ( 2011-08-16 )
From 1993 through 2009, people moving to North Dakota brought with them $8.1 billion in adjusted gross income, while people moving out of the state took with them $9.3 billion.
N.D. Crude Oil Production at Record Level   ( 2011-07-19 )
North Dakota is the only state among the largest oil-producing states to have increased capacity from 2000 to 2010.
N.D. Housing Units Authorized for Construction Up in 2010   ( 2011-06-14 )
In 2010, single-family homes were approximately half (54 percent) of the new authorized housing in North Dakota and averaged $173,424 in value.
American Indian and Alaska Native Firms Grew from 2002 to 2007   ( 2011-04-19 )
The largest industry in 2007, in terms of the number of firms owned by American Indians and Alaska natives, was health care and social assistance.
Aging Baby Boomers Will Impact Social Security in N.D.   ( 2011-03-15 )
The average monthly Social Security benefit for a retired worker in North Dakota was $1,085 in 2009.
Multiple Job-holding Rate Remains High in N.D.   ( 2011-02-15 )
Since 1994, North Dakota has ranked among the top nine states with the highest multiple job-holding rates in the nation.
N.D. Participation in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Increases   ( 2011-01-18 )
In 2010, $95 million in SNAP benefits were distributed to North Dakota participants, up 19 percent from $80 million 2009.
N.D. Gross Domestic Product Reaches $31.2 billion   ( 2010-12-14 )
After adjusting for inflation, North Dakota’s real-dollar GDP grew 4 percent from 2008 to 2009.
Tax Deductible Charitable Giving Up Again in 2008 in N.D.   ( 2010-11-16 )
North Dakota’s charitable giving continued to rise in spite of the recession that was occurring.
One in 14 N.D. Children Uninsured   ( 2010-10-19 )
Estimates indicate that the 2007 through 2009 three-year average of uninsured children in North Dakota is 7.2 percent.
N.D. Has Large Proportion of Out-of-state, First-year College Students   ( 2010-08-17 )
A tracking system finds that 63 percent of North Dakota college graduates were either employed in North Dakota or re-enrolled within the state one year after graduation.
N.D. Oil Production at Record High   ( 2010-07-22 )
Since 2004, crude oil production in North Dakota has grown an average of 21.1 percent per year to reach 79.7 million barrels in 2009.
N.D. Housing Units Authorized for Construction Up in 2009   ( 2010-06-15 )
The housing market reflects the contrasting economies between North Dakota and the nation.
North Dakota Personal Transfer Receipts Increase But Are a Smaller Proportion of Income   ( 2010-05-18 )
The significant shift in the relationship of transfer payments to total personal income between North Dakota and the U.S. reflects changing economic circumstances.
North Dakota Bankruptcy Cases Up in 2009   ( 2010-04-20 )
North Dakota’s trend in bankruptcy filings has closely followed the national pattern of change.
Aging Baby Boomers Will Impact Social Security   ( 2010-03-17 )
North Dakota likely will see a significant increase in Social Security income.

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