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Let Grass, Cows be Guide When Weaning   ( 2013-09-18 )
The 2013 growing season was unusual for pasture production and quality across North Dakota.
Dry Soil May Cause Structural Problems   ( 2013-08-26 )
Water the soil around your foundation if the soil is pulling away from the basement walls.
Spotlight on Economics: Global Food Security in 2050   ( 2013-03-21 )
Can we produce enough food to feed the world population in 2050?
N.D. Seeking Weather Observers   ( 2013-03-05 )
A national network needs North Dakotans to help measure rainfall, snowfall and snow depth.
BeefTalk: Survival Still is About Production Costs   ( 2013-02-28 )
A good place to start is gross margin.
Sugar Beet Byproducts Alternative Feed for Sheep   ( 2012-10-18 )
Sugar beet byproducts are high in fiber and energy.
Potatoes Possible Source of Cattle Feed   ( 2012-09-26 )
Drought conditions this year may force cattle producers to look for alternative feed sources.
Reduce the Risk of a Combine Fire   ( 2012-09-24 )
Operators can reduce the risk by recognizing the problem areas and acting to reduce the potential for fires.
Dairy Focus: Improve Low-quality Forages   ( 2012-09-24 )
Ammoniation and adding hydrated lime can improve low-quality forages.
Corn Harvest, Drying Challenging Again This Year   ( 2012-09-17 )
Producers need to check the condition of their corn crop in the field.
BeefTalk: Drought Strategy: Wean the Calf, Salvage the Cow   ( 2012-09-13 )
Skimping on feed now is not a good plan.
Dry Soil May Cause Building Problems   ( 2012-09-07 )
Water the soil around your foundation if the soil is pulling away from the basement walls.
Dairy Focus: Protecting Hay More Important Than Ever   ( 2012-09-06 )
Covering hay bales cuts hay loss significantly.
Winter Cereals an Alternative Silage Source   ( 2012-09-04 )
Cool-season cereal grains fared better than warm-season grains during this year’s drought conditions.
Dairy Focus: Poor Corn Pollination Affects Quality   ( 2012-08-08 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on feeding and storing poorly pollinated corn.
Hay CRP Land Soon   ( 2012-08-02 )
NDSU’s rangeland management specialist offers advice for harvesting Conservation Reserve Program land for hay.
Volunteer Crops Can Provide Additional Animal Feed   ( 2012-08-02 )
Dry conditions in some parts of North Dakota have producers looking at feed alternatives.
Spider Mites Continue to Cause Problems in Some Fields   ( 2012-07-27 )
Spider mite feeding reduces the photosynthetic area of the leaves and heightens drought stress.
Testing Forages Pays Dividends   ( 2012-07-26 )
Some forage may be low in nutritional value and high in nitrate.
NDSU Offers Tips on How Turfgrass Can Survive a Drought   ( 2012-07-26 )
Without regular irrigation cycles and uniform coverage, most lawns have turned brown.

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