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New Energy Economics: Is Biofuel the Most Valuable Component of a Cellulosic Biorefinery?   ( 2010-07-29 )
The final value depends critically on prevailing prices.
Market Advisor: Wet Spring Creates Problems for Canadian Crops   ( 2010-06-25 )
Weather forecasts for the Canadian Prairie Provinces will be watched closely by market traders.
Certified Seed Growers Still May Apply for Field Inspection   ( 2010-06-23 )
Considering the difficulties growers have endured this spring, seed growers may not have had time to think about submitting applications for their seed fields.
Oil Spill Regulation Affects Farmers   ( 2010-05-05 )
The new regulations require some farmers to prepare and implement a plan to deal with oil spills on their farms by Nov. 10, 2010.
NDSU Can Help Cope With Flooding   ( 2010-03-17 )
NDSU offers practical, research-based information to help deal with flooding and its aftermath.
Check Your Sump Pump Now   ( 2010-03-11 )
Making sure your sump pump works now can prevent problems later.
Plug Drains to Keep Sewage Backup Out   ( 2010-03-10 )
Plugging drains helps prevent sewage backup.
NDSU Equine Center Opening Emergency Horse Shelter   ( 2010-03-08 )
NDSU is offering to house horses that have to be evacuated because of flooding.
NDSU Offers Information on Coping With Flooding   ( 2010-02-25 )
NDSU’s flood information Web site offers practical, up-to-date information.
Make Plans to Move Livestock, Hay Now   ( 2010-02-23 )
Don’t wait for flooding to move livestock and hay.
Market Advisor: How Will the Corn Market Deal With Crop Quality Concerns?   ( 2009-11-24 )
Late, Wet Corn Harvest Favors Ear Mold   ( 2009-11-03 )
Field moisture above 18 percent to 20 percent for a long time and temperatures above 45 degrees generally favor ear mold development.
N.D. Wheat and Durum Yields Up, Protein Level Down   ( 2009-09-10 )
Across the state, there are many reports of abysmal protein levels.
Remove Mold for a Healthy Home or Other Building   ( 2009-06-11 )
Mold needs to be removed, not just killed.
Flood Victims Must Apply Now for Volunteer, Resource Help   ( 2009-06-05 )
Within the financial limits of a given unmet needs committee, a disaster victim may be able be secure additional financial help or voluntary labor to make homes safe, sanitary and secure.
Use Helmets When Taking Shelter From Tornados   ( 2009-05-08 )
A helmet can provide protection in a tornado.
Is It Mold or Isn’t It?   ( 2009-05-06 )
The growth you could find in damp basements may not be mold; it could be mineral deposits.
NDSU Offers Replanting or Late Planting Crops Publication   ( 2009-04-29 )
NDSU has available revised version of “Replanting or Late Planting Crops.”
Chose the Right Soybean Variety for Wet and Saturated Soil   ( 2009-04-29 )
Phytophthora root and stem rot can be a major cause of soybean yield loss.
Livestock Losses are Not Immediate   ( 2009-04-28 )
Snowstorms and flooding can cause long-term problems for livestock.

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