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Learn When to Use Bleach and Other Chemicals for Flood Cleanup   ( 2011-08-01 )
NDSU’s flood expert provides advice on using biocides for flood cleanup.
Factors to Consider for Cover Crops on Prevented Planted Acres   ( 2011-07-26 )
Make Sure Structural Materials Dry Before Rebuilding   ( 2011-07-26 )
NDSU Extension has moisture meters homeowners can borrow.
Videos Offer Flood Cleanup Information   ( 2011-07-22 )
Five new NDSU videos provide advice on cleaning your home after a flood.
Bleach Home Safely After Flooding   ( 2011-07-15 )
Sodium hypochlorite is a very powerful oxidizer that should be used very carefully because it will burn skin and can cause irreversible eye damage.
Use Caution When Cleaning Flooded Buildings   ( 2011-07-15 )
Thorough cleaning and disinfecting are keys to recovering after a flood.
Don’t Overwork Flooded Septic Systems   ( 2011-07-11 )
Septic systems that were flooded should be treated carefully.
Get the Most Out of Prevented Planting Acres   ( 2011-07-11 )
Producers can plant forage mixes for grazing that increase the soil’s water-holding capacity and add nitrogen to the soil.
Clean or Replace Flooded Energy-related Items   ( 2011-07-08 )
NDSU offers tips on dealing with flooded items such as insulation and household appliances.
New Phone App to Help Residents Record and Recover From Flood Damage   ( 2011-07-07 )
The Disaster Recovery Journal app is free flood recovery tool.
Prevented Planting Impact in N.D. at $1.1 Billion   ( 2011-06-30 )
The current estimate of crop acreage in North Dakota that was not planted this year is about 6.3 million acres, which based on information gathered by Farm Service Agency personnel across the state.
New Tool Kit Aids Financial Recovery After Disasters   ( 2011-06-23 )
A new free online resource can help people get their finances back in order after a disaster.
Cover Crop Options Available on Prevented Planted Acres   ( 2011-06-16 )
Large areas of North Dakota remain wet and likely will be prevented planted acres for crop insurance purposes.
Certified Seed Growers Still May Apply for Field Inspection   ( 2011-06-07 )
Applications for field inspections without late fees will be accepted until June 30.
NDSU Offers Program to Compare Prevented Planting With Planting   ( 2011-06-03 )
The program compares prevented planting with growing either the same crop for which a prevented planting payment could be received or some other crop.
Flooding/waterlogging Will Affect Crop Development   ( 2011-05-31 )
Waterlogging affects a number of biological and chemical processes in plants and soils that can affect crop growth in the short and long term.
Livestock Indemnity Program Can Benefit Producers   ( 2011-04-15 )
Producers may be eligible for payments for livestock losses in bad weather.
Flooded Wells Must be Cleaned   ( 2011-04-14 )
NDSU Extension water quality experts offer advice on cleaning flooded water wells.
Clean Wet Buildings Quickly, Safely   ( 2011-04-11 )
The NDSU Extension Service offers tips for cleaning wet buildings.
NDSU Offers Information on Coping With Flooding   ( 2011-02-15 )
NDSU’s flood information website provides practical, up-to-date information.

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