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Good Crop Returns Projected for 2013   ( 2012-12-18 )
However, producers are worried about whether average yields in 2013 will materialize. Unlike last spring, soil moisture is depleted.
Download Smartphone App Now for Winter Travel Safety   ( 2012-10-30 )
Get prepared for winter travel with the Winter Survival Kit smartphone app.
Testing Forages Pays Dividends   ( 2012-07-26 )
Some forage may be low in nutritional value and high in nitrate.
Canola Possible Forage Crop for Livestock   ( 2012-07-25 )
Canola can be an alternative feed for livestock, but producers need to be aware of the challenges.
Haying, Ensiling Immature Corn Poses Challenges   ( 2012-07-25 )
Nitrate levels are a concern when haying or ensiling corn.
N.D. Creeps Into Worst Drought Since 2008   ( 2012-07-20 )
Drought is impacting about a quarter of the state.
Dairy Focus: Drought Impacts Feed Costs and Quality   ( 2012-07-16 )
Drought has created the U.S.’s largest ever natural-disaster area.
Financial Losses From Devils Lake Flooding Continue   ( 2012-03-23 )
Become Part of N.D’s Climatological History   ( 2012-03-01 )
It’s fun, easy and only takes five minutes a day.
Calculate SURE Farm Payments for 2011   ( 2012-02-21 )
The NDSU SURE program calculator is applicable to nearly all farm situations.
New Phone App Will Help Stranded Winter Motorists   ( 2011-11-29 )
The Winter Survival Kit app can be as critical as a physical winter survival kit if you find yourself stuck or stranded in severe winter weather conditions.
Corn Losses Due to Frost Could Exceed $180 Million in N.D.   ( 2011-09-21 )
Along with the yield loss, farmers also need to be concerned about the impact on test weight.
Preparing Flooded Buildings for Winter   ( 2011-09-09 )
People with flooded homes should carry out procedures to avoid further damage if they will not be rebuilding before winter.
Remove Mold for a Healthy Home   ( 2011-09-06 )
Killing mold isn’t good enough; it has to be removed, too.
Properly Rebuild, Insulate Flooded Homes   ( 2011-08-22 )
Make sure contractors install the proper amount of insulation.
NDSU Offers Solutions Through Ask an Expert   ( 2011-08-10 )
Ask an Expert is another tool that has been developed to make it more convenient to have questions answered in a timely manner.
Sanitize Water Lines Before Using Water   ( 2011-08-09 )
Take steps to make sure your drinking water is safe after a flood.
Walking Can Help Relieve Stress   ( 2011-08-08 )
Moderate exercise can enhance our mood and reduce our risk for health problems.
Protect Children After a Flood   ( 2011-08-08 )
Once-flooded homes and flood recovery efforts can be hazardous to children.
New NDSU Videos Demonstrate Flood Cleanup   ( 2011-08-03 )
An NDSU Extension specialist explains how to clean a flood-damaged home.

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