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Keep Valuable Documents Safe   ( 2009-03-31 )
Making sure your hard-to-replace documents are safe is very important.
NDSU Offers Flood Salvage Tips   ( 2009-03-30 )
NDSU has information to help you clean or repair your flood-damaged home.
NDSU Can Help You Cope With Flooding   ( 2009-03-27 )
NDSU’s flood information Web page has information to help people prepare for flooding and deal with the late-winter storms.
Prairie Fare: Keep Food Safe in Times of Floods   ( 2009-03-26 )
I rarely write a food safety column with advice that I hope people do not need to follow.
Weathering Tough Times Made Easier by Reducing Personal Stress   ( 2009-03-25 )
Personal stress often results when we experience factors beyond our control, such as flooding and other difficulties, and we feel that we can do little or nothing to change the situation.
Flooded Wells Need to be Cleaned   ( 2009-03-25 )
NDSU Extension water quality experts offer advice on cleaning flooded water wells.
Use Standby Generators for Emergency Power   ( 2009-03-24 )
Farmers and homeowners threatened with flooding should consider having a standby generator.
Red River Flood Comparable to 1897   ( 2009-03-23 )
While the highest water level in Fargo was observed in 1897, there are differences from then to today.
Planning an Important Flood-fighting Tool   ( 2009-03-20 )
Thinking ahead will help you know how to fight or escape from flooding.
NDSU Offers Sandbagging Expertise   ( 2009-03-13 )
Sandbag dikes need to be built the right way or they could fail.
Check Your Sump Pump Now   ( 2009-03-05 )
Now is the time to check whether your sump pump is working properly.
NDSU Offers Help to Cope With Flooding   ( 2009-02-26 )
NDSU’s flood information Web page has information to help people prepare for flooding and cope with the aftermath of a flood.
NDSU Web Site Offers Winter Weather Survival Tips   ( 2009-01-23 )
NDSU’s winter storm information Web site helps urban and rural people cope with winter weather.
Extension has Resources for Disaster Preparedness   ( 2008-09-18 )
The NDSU Extension Service can help you prepare for a disaster.

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