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Keep Spring-, Summer-stored Grain Cool   ( 2014-05-02 )
Make sure the grain is at the recommended moisture content for summer storage.
Scout for Wheat Midge Hot Spots   ( 2014-03-07 )
Twenty one percent of the soil samples statewide are moderate to high risk for wheat midge infestation.
NDSU Wheat Researcher Fights Rust Disease   ( 2014-03-07 )
Acevedo is passionate about working with rust pathogens, ultimately with a goal of increasing food security in the U.S. and around the globe.
Spring Grain Drying and Storage Critical   ( 2014-03-05 )
Stored grain can spoil quickly at warm temperatures.
Wheat Show to Feature Best of the Best   ( 2014-01-24 )
National Hard Spring Wheat Show has taken on a different look this year with the incorporation of the Best of the Best program.
NDSU Sets Best of the Best in Wheat and Soybean Meetings   ( 2014-01-09 )
Positive Returns Projected in 2014 for Most Crops   ( 2013-12-18 )
However, producers may want to be more aggressive than normal in forward-pricing crops that provide acceptable profit.
NDSU Releases Elgin-ND Hard Red Spring Wheat   ( 2013-11-12 )
Elgin-ND’s attributes are yield, quality and disease protection.
NDSU’s Simsek Awarded Endowment   ( 2013-08-15 )
In her short time at NDSU, Simsek has built a strong research program that is recognized internationally.
Agronomy Seed Farm Annual Field Day Set for July 15   ( 2013-07-03 )
Planting Small Grains Late Can Reduce Yields   ( 2013-04-25 )
Expect a yield loss of 1.5 percent per day beyond the optimum for wheat and 1.7 percent per day for barley.
Spotlight on Economics: Should Producers Enroll in the ACRE Program for 2013?   ( 2013-04-24 )
The most important questions about ACRE enrollment are whether the state will be eligible for an ACRE payment and for how much.
NDSU Research Foundation Warns of Illegal Grain Sales   ( 2013-03-08 )
Some U.S. seedsmen and others have been approached by farmers or entities in Canada in an effort to buy Faller hard red spring wheat seed to plant in Canada.
How Good is the 2013 Crop Insurance Safety Net?   ( 2013-03-04 )
At first glance, the projected prices per bushel look good at $5.65 for corn, $12.87 for soybeans and $8.44 for spring wheat.
Wheat Midge Levels Drop to Record Lows for 2013   ( 2013-01-22 )
The decrease in wheat midge can be attributed to the drought, which may have prevented wheat midge larvae from dropping out of the wheat heads in late summer.
NDSU Extension Service Projects Commodity Planning Prices for 2013   ( 2013-01-16 )
Price projections are given for the major crop commodities and livestock and livestock products.
Best of the Best Meetings Set   ( 2013-01-11 )
Learn about research results addressing some of the most critical issues facing barley and wheat producers.
Check Stored Grain   ( 2013-01-07 )
Grain stores best when it is cool and dry.
Good Crop Returns Projected for 2013   ( 2012-12-18 )
However, producers are worried about whether average yields in 2013 will materialize. Unlike last spring, soil moisture is depleted.
NDSU Forms Partnership with Monsanto to Develop Better Wheat Varieties   ( 2012-09-21 )
This relationship is consistent with the National Association of Wheat Growers’ call for investment in wheat, and during a time when interest and support for new technologies in wheat remains high.

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