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Crop Tours Highlight Carrington REC Field Day on July 15   ( 2014-07-02 )
Highlighted will be crop variety performance and production management, plant nutrition and pest management.
Emergency Hay Crop May be a Competitive Alternative to Prevented-planting   ( 2014-06-09 )
The net income from the hay may be as much or more than the prevented-planting payment, less the cost of putting a cover crop on prevent-planted acres.
NDSU Crop Management Field School Scheduled for June 19 in Carrington   ( 2014-05-14 )
UAVs: The Key for Precision Agriculture?   ( 2014-04-21 )
UAVs will improve precision agriculture by collecting larger amounts of data in a shorter period of time.
65th Flax Institute Set for March 27-28   ( 2014-03-04 )
The topics covered during the event include breeding flax, agricultural production, use of flax in food products, cholesterol-lowering claim for flax, using flax for industrial purposes and human health effects of consuming flax.
NDSU Sets Best of the Best in Wheat and Soybean Meetings   ( 2014-01-09 )
NDSU Schedules 2014 Getting It Right Soybean Production Meetings   ( 2013-12-12 )
These are soybean educational meetings with current research-based information that can help producers with soybean production decisions for the 2014 growing season.
Soil Salinity Field Day Set for Sept. 5 Near Grand Forks   ( 2013-08-26 )
Saline and Sodic Soil Field Day Set for Aug. 22 in Mooreton   ( 2013-07-18 )
There will be time during the day for participants to have one-on-one conversations with NDSU research and Extension faculty, specialists and agents.
Energy Beet Juice Can be Stored for Ethanol Production   ( 2013-03-20 )
At NDSU, the feasibility of using new sugar beet varieties, known as energy beets, for ethanol production is under study.
43rd Annual Sugar Beet Research Reporting Session Scheduled for Fargo on Jan. 8   ( 2013-01-02 )
17th Annual Diversity, Direction, and Dollars Forum Set   ( 2012-12-21 )
Forum will give producers ideas for improving productivity.
Wild World of Weeds Workshop Set for Jan. 16   ( 2012-12-20 )
Precision Agriculture Summit Set for Jamestown Jan. 21-22   ( 2012-12-12 )
The summit will focus on using in-field crop sensors for variable-rate fertilization to increase nitrogen use efficiency and on farm field information and data management.
Dairy Focus: Improve Low-quality Forages   ( 2012-09-24 )
Ammoniation and adding hydrated lime can improve low-quality forages.
Dairy Focus: Poor Corn Pollination Affects Quality   ( 2012-08-08 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on feeding and storing poorly pollinated corn.
Volunteer Crops Can Provide Additional Animal Feed   ( 2012-08-02 )
Dry conditions in some parts of North Dakota have producers looking at feed alternatives.
Haying, Ensiling Immature Corn Poses Challenges   ( 2012-07-25 )
Nitrate levels are a concern when haying or ensiling corn.
Dairy Focus: Drought Impacts Feed Costs and Quality   ( 2012-07-16 )
Drought has created the U.S.’s largest ever natural-disaster area.
Spotlight on Economics: Time to Consider Water Quality and Economic Good   ( 2012-05-23 )
Efforts to maintain environmental quality need not threaten economic growth.

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